Monday, August 17, 2009

Zoning Hearing Board Wednesday Night...

So, in order to have my childcare center in my home my township requires you to request a special exception to the allowed use of the homes in my residential zoning district. big deal. Or so I thought. I figured it would be a quick application...they'd ask about inside my home and the outside for play space. BUT I never expected the number of hoops they are asking me to jump through. I've learned I must really want this because I am ready, willing and raring to jump through these hoops! I've also learned I have a little bit of tenacity in me I never thought I had. I personally hate telephones, I much prefer email and texting, but alas governements don't allow text messages and it's easier to tell someone what you want rather than try to explain it email, I suppose. So, I have called and talked to and emailed, and met with numerous people, none so much as Sherry at the township. She was so great. I'm sure she had much more important things to do and bigger projects to work on, but she was so patient and understanding and willing to work with me, I was surprised!

So I have to add driveway space, and I had to call the dmv today because they own the road in front of my house to see if I could pave a wider access way. I've never talked to so many government employees...and my husband is in the AF!! And I have to ask for variances to the zoning code in regards to the size lot they require. We're on 1/3 acre...they want 1 full acre. As far as I know 1/3 acre in my township is a pretty decent lot, we're lucky. At first I was overwhelmed...I didn't think it would be possible, but now that I've seen the drawing Sherry worked so hard to draw up, and I've had time to sit down and write a speech...I think it is important that I follow through with it, if for nothing else than my own personal satisfaction.
Here is the front cover of the report I created for the board members and the other people who will be there for the hearing (10 in total.)

My's 7 pages and if I figured I could simply read it...but it's 10 minutes long, oy vey! I have to address all points though.

The outline I created for the board members, etc to follow along. Hopefully, they appreciate my effort and don't just dismiss me.

The close up of the proposed driveway alterations. Sherry did a great job on it...I just thought it'd be easier to see magnified. :)

The meeting is Wednesday evening at 5:30pm and I'm rather nervous. I haven't had to stand up in front of people in a long time and I get very anxious with stage-fright. But I wrote my spech today. It sounds least to me. I think I've answered and explained all the points and hopefully most of their questions.

Wish me luck...I'm surely gonna need it!

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