Monday, August 31, 2009

Daycare Room Update...

My daycare room transition has begun! I painted the walls in the living room a nice soft green and moved the couch, end tables and cedar chest out so I could move the daycare furniture and toys back in.

I really must learn to ask for help; moving an oversized couch all by yourself is extremely difficult, but it's done.

This fish tank almost didn't make it. The filter broke and I had to go get another one so I didn't kill MORE fishies. It must not have been working for a while because the new filter is's cleaned the gunk I've been ignoring for the past few months ;P.

I still need to get a few more things (well a lot more things) but you can see the general layout. I never knew there was so little room for lights in that room...and now must find new ideas for lighting...since there isn't an overhead. The lamps in there right now won't cut it much longer, but will work for now. So that is it...I'll update again as it progresses!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm sure you've had those job interviews where you are nervously filling out the application hoping your resume is up to scratch and your references actually give good reviews. Well, I luckily enough no longer, well hopefully, have to go to any more of those. I get to be doing the interviews/present myself to potential clients. It is a joint interview and we both get to see if we are a good fit with each other.

I just had my first interview with a new family tonight. Firstly...their little girl is so darn cute and the parents are great. Secondly...They seem very down to earth and were very pleasant and up front about what they want or need for their little girl. Thirdly...They are very close by, and would be my first family from my actual town. Fourthly...They are related to one of my former little "ones" from the daycare! I'm wondering if perchance they like me enough to sign on...the other family will too. I have a good feeling, but don't want to get my hopes up about too much.

I did come to the realization though last night that I may have to let a family go. I have two part time families and while they are both great...I lose money on part timers. I definitely want to keep my options open and hope that everything works out...but I think that DH and I have made a decision together as to what may be best if I am approached with several full time families. My biggest concern is telling one family...because I may actually lose another family in the process. I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles and no one else will look out for number 1 except for me. :( Sad as that may be. We can't afford to be "nice" and play the "good guy"; but how do you handle being the one to create stress for another person...and maintain a good reputation?

Keep your fingers crossed for me...I hope they say yes!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tough Thursday...

I had a pretty tough time of it today. DH was finally able to get online and talk to me about the mortgage, but he was so upset and frustrated that it didn't do anyone any good. We can't get the full amount that we want because someone dropped the ball. I don't know if it was me or someone at the mortgage company, but I feel like it's all my fault. Now, he's stressing even more about money and being able to afford the basement remodel. He said he's not blaming me and is just frustrated with everything, but I don't know...I take everything so personally that it doesn't really make me feel better. Then he mentioned that we only seem to save money when he's deployed...and while that is true I don't really care to have him be gone again this year so soon. I mentioned this to him and he immediately got defensive. I didn't say he couldn't ever deploy again, but I miss my husband and just want him home. I know what his job is and I know I knew prior to becoming his wife and I am super proud of him and the job he does...but dangit it is harder than he thinks. It' hard to watch the person you love walk away from you and your life for (I'll admit a short time) 3 months and then have him do it again less than 2 months after finally coming home. I have tried to fill my time, but the one person I want to hug and see and talk with and laugh with is gone. It is hard...and I am entitled to resent it a tiny little bit. There I said my piece...that being said, I skipped school tonight because I am just too drained from the emotionally charged week and the recent week of illness. I am just going to take a bath and drink some tea (blech!) and go to bed early. Hopefully, I'll have another outlook tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gallbladder...'s Tuesday and I've been sick now since Friday. Weird pains in my stomach and frequent bathroom visits :(. If I eat the 'BRAT' diet I'm fine, I can even have my cup of coffee in the morning, but if I eat anything else...I'm done. I looked up symptoms this morning of gallbladder disease (runs in the family) and it really sounds right. UGH! I don't need this right now. It says (other than gallstones which cause severe pain) it can be treated by a good nutritious diet, BLECH! I guess this should encourage me to increase the effort I put into menu planning and nutritious cooking, huh?! I really need to get into to get my dependent ID taken, so that I can go get my physical...for work and for just good health; but I refuse to call Suzanna...especially when she still has yet to respond to my email from 3 weeks ago.

In other news, I start school semester tonight. 7pm English class. Oh how fun. I have already taken this stupid course and PASSED dammit!! Unfortunately though, the stupid community college I go to wouldn't transfer the credit over...stupid stupid stupid. So, now I'm stuck taking and paying for the same course again. My online speech class started yesterday, with our first class meeting tomorrow (it's really a blended course.) I'm only taking 2 classes this semester because I over reached last semester and found myself out of sorts, and now out of fiancial aid. Oh, we go again!

Wish me luck! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fence is DONE!!!... the fence company came last Thursday (when it thunderstormed EVERY afternoon for 3 days straight) and started the fence.
Day one was simply stringing the lines, marking the posts, digging the holes and setting the posts. They had to cut short due to the weather, hey I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I had offered them the use of the driveway for their machinery while they were here, so they left that behind...not quite sure where the miscommunication came in...but again, the benefit of the doubt.
They came back Friday and began cementing the posts and actually putting the sections together. It started raining a little before lunchtime so they quit for the day then but finished the cementing then. It definitely didn't look pretty; between the wet ground and their front loader machine my yard was disgusting. I had to call my sole contact at the company to complain yard had debris strewn all over...cardboard and packaging materials and my driveway was still full of Amish work machinery. Yes, they are Amish and drive front loaders and trucks :? So but anyway I mowed on Sunday (found some pieces they had cut off and a screwdriver they lost, but it looked a little better.
They finished the job today and I have to say I am mostly pleased. It's straight as far as down the line, and although you can tell where the yard has dips and grades, I personally think it's a nice fence. The dogs and kids had a blast exploring the far corners of the yard...all in all I'm happy. I forgot to have them show me the one section of the fence, they left some of my neighbor's yards a mess with mud and dirt and there's bits of concrete all over the place. But come 5:30 am I don't HAVE to stand outside for 30 minutes while the dogs decide when or where to poop!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girl's Night...

So, last night I hosted a girl's night at my home with several friends. I had planned this at the end of July, but just on Wednesday had decided to cancel, what with school starting Tuesday, the zoning hearing that night and having to mow the lawn and actually take care of my lawn maitenance; but decided to continue because my friend Nichole was coming down. We very rarely get to spend a whole lot of time together and it's important to be available, especially when she makes so much effort to get here. We had a good time, it was a very limited circle...just a few close friends. We talked of husbands, other friends, and kids! It was fun. Thanks girls for taking the time to come over and share your Saturday night with me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's unofficial...but fabulous!...

Ok, so last night was the zoning hearing board for the daycare occupancy certificate. I was so nervous...I feel like I made a complete fool of myself; BUT I did it and I'm proud of myself and relieved it's over!!

I called the zoning officer, Sherry, this morning and she told me that the board was impressed by my presentation (YAY!) and have decided to rule IN MY FAVOR!!! Woo the hard work begins, I guess, lol! I am super excited though! Licensing packet can be fixed and sent in. Driveway can be redone, and the fence is being started today! I am so super excited to move the living room downstairs and get the playroom started!!! YAY!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My wonderful, wonderful dearest Husband!!!...

So...I've been stressing about refinancing the house, the basement remodel, the fence and the zoning hearing tomorrow for about a month straight now. Add to that my DH's deployment, sick dogs, barely a break (9 weeks) between his last deployment and our wedding (and all the planning and crazy people that went into that) and I'm surprised I've gone this long with out a meltdown.

Well, this evening, right after the last dck left, UPS man shows up. I thought, I didn't order anything...but oh yeah, I did take back that dinnerware setting that arrived broken...I bet it's the replacement. I don't open the box until oh about 5 minutes ago and it's part of my CHINA set...the Opal Innocence China that I was so incredibly psyched to register for and only 2 people saw fit to get for us for the wedding. Not that I'm ungrateful for the other gifts...they were great, but I just really wanted my China and was a tad disappointed more people didn't share my enthusiasm, lol.

For my birthday (which is like 3 weeks away) DH got me two dessert plates, a vegetable dish and two of the fine crystal water glasses!!! This means (with the exception of one more set of flatware) the two of us can sit down and have a wonderful and romantic meal on our china when he gets home! What a wonderful man and fabulous husband. I am such a lucky girl to have found him and honestly don't know what I would do without his love and support.
Thank you honey! I love you!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zoning Hearing Board Wednesday Night...

So, in order to have my childcare center in my home my township requires you to request a special exception to the allowed use of the homes in my residential zoning district. big deal. Or so I thought. I figured it would be a quick application...they'd ask about inside my home and the outside for play space. BUT I never expected the number of hoops they are asking me to jump through. I've learned I must really want this because I am ready, willing and raring to jump through these hoops! I've also learned I have a little bit of tenacity in me I never thought I had. I personally hate telephones, I much prefer email and texting, but alas governements don't allow text messages and it's easier to tell someone what you want rather than try to explain it email, I suppose. So, I have called and talked to and emailed, and met with numerous people, none so much as Sherry at the township. She was so great. I'm sure she had much more important things to do and bigger projects to work on, but she was so patient and understanding and willing to work with me, I was surprised!

So I have to add driveway space, and I had to call the dmv today because they own the road in front of my house to see if I could pave a wider access way. I've never talked to so many government employees...and my husband is in the AF!! And I have to ask for variances to the zoning code in regards to the size lot they require. We're on 1/3 acre...they want 1 full acre. As far as I know 1/3 acre in my township is a pretty decent lot, we're lucky. At first I was overwhelmed...I didn't think it would be possible, but now that I've seen the drawing Sherry worked so hard to draw up, and I've had time to sit down and write a speech...I think it is important that I follow through with it, if for nothing else than my own personal satisfaction.
Here is the front cover of the report I created for the board members and the other people who will be there for the hearing (10 in total.)

My's 7 pages and if I figured I could simply read it...but it's 10 minutes long, oy vey! I have to address all points though.

The outline I created for the board members, etc to follow along. Hopefully, they appreciate my effort and don't just dismiss me.

The close up of the proposed driveway alterations. Sherry did a great job on it...I just thought it'd be easier to see magnified. :)

The meeting is Wednesday evening at 5:30pm and I'm rather nervous. I haven't had to stand up in front of people in a long time and I get very anxious with stage-fright. But I wrote my spech today. It sounds least to me. I think I've answered and explained all the points and hopefully most of their questions.

Wish me luck...I'm surely gonna need it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The road to the fence...

Before: the forest in the backyard. Overgrown, unhealthy trees.In progress...dcg watching the "tree guys" take down the unhealthy overgrowth.
And the finished treeless look. Finally light can be seen in the backyard.
Some of DH's friends have called us "stupid" and "ridiculous", not to our faces of course, but behind our backs, such wonderful people. But, really...doesn't it look so much better? It's cleaner, lighter, and we GAINED 10 feet of to all of those naysayers: Thanks for the unasked for opinion. We'll make sure to ask FOR your opinion next time :)!

The fence is scheduled in next week. They have flagged the gates and the corners of the property for the string line. I hope it starts to go in by Wednesday so I can have pictures to show the township at my meeting.

Updates to follow...

New Projects for our Home...

So upon speaking with DH yesterday, finally some uninterrupted instant messenger time, we have decided on our schedule of house projects. Now, don't freak out when you read really is doable. We have decided we are going to work on a little by a little; but we'd prefer to be done by the time we start our family!

First and foremost: Fencing! YES PLEASE! It is already August and I can feel winter and it's chilly biting wind rapidly approaching. Me + 2 rambuncious, very large dogs + winter wind + 5:30 AM = not appealing in the least. Let's just say one winter of that crap is enough. To have a fence and to be able to let the dogs out alone is the best thing I truly can possibly imagine right now!

2. Contingent upon approval of my family daycare home from the township zoning board is the playroom & driveway. Depending on when that comes in (Sept or Oct.) we will do this ASAP! We have agreed to move the playroom from the large spare bedroom to the living area and enlarge the driveway for the safety of our family (in the future) and my clients.

3. Basement. This is already in the works...contractor man is working on a proposal as we speak...refi is approved on the house and we should expect pay out by the end of the month! Once DH is home from the sandy place, we will begin moving our clutter and demoing the basement. He feels confident we can get it done in 2 weeks!!! Really! I'm skeptical..but we'll see! We will be adding a bathroom, moving the laundry facility, adding an outside exit on the other side of the basement, and finishing the rest of the area. New walls, ceiling, flooring, paint, potty fixtures, (maybe eventually front loading washing machines :)!!)

4. Garage: DH's man space. We will be insulating it, finishing it, moving work benches, lawn care areas, adding industrial shelves, painting the concrete floor and the walls a gun metal gray and it will be DH's work haven...let's just hope he learns how to use it, lol!

5. Upstairs Bathroom. Oh, how I long for the days when I can say I have 2 baths in my house...sure more to clean, but when DH visits the "office" for 45 minutes every day...I'll have someplace to go tinkle if need be! Plus little dcg won't have to practice holding it all the time ;) We are going to rip out the wallpaper and paint the walls with mildew/mold resistant paint and paint the trim. All the original furniture/fixtures will stay in place, although I may be able to talk DH into a wand shower head! .:fingerscrossed:. Bye bye pink flowers!

6. Bedrooms. These will actually be done in stages, since the majority of work is simply repainting and refinishing the floors. Start with MBR...paint walls and refinish the hardwoods, add drapes and new pendant light! Lg Guest Room...again paint (right now it's the a very vibrant green color) and draperies, floor refinish, and ceiling fan! Sm Guest Room...right now it is the napping room for dcks so we're going to go ahead and create a nursery. Keeping the crib in there with all the infant gadgets, redo the closet for small people, rip up carpets, replace wall sconces, paint a nice pretty color (neutral of course since we don't have babies yet) there will be a twin bed in there for guests in the mean time. I still need the crib for any infant dcks should I have I'll still be using the room until such time God blesses us with a baby. Dwn Guest Room/Office. This room is pretty well finished, so it'll be staying very much the same...eventually I'd like to replace the carpet, paint the walls, and remove the large counter top affixed to the back wall. My massive desk unit will move down there and we'll have twin bed #2 and dresser down there. It will serve as my office for the daycare as well as guest space.

7. Patio & Deck. Finally my patio is on the radar. Two years ago it was to be done summer of 08 then it was pushed to this summer and now **hopefully** it'll be summer 2010. I hope to have a nice pretty paver patio with beautiful pergola built atop and furnished with one of our amazing wedding gifts: our beautiful patio table. We may go with decorated concrete (not my favorite choice.) We will be adjusting the deck stairs to go the width of the deck all along the patio, and the deck needs re-painted. We'll need to get nice new dining chairs, a storage unit (for dc toys and cushions, etc) and a nice umbrella.

8. Bar. DH wants to build his bar from scratch! I say go for it...I'm worried it'll take forever, but I have faith and someday it'll be done. This is one of those items that will happen when it happens.

9. Kitchen. Yes redo the kitchen. Rip out the apple wallpaper and border. Re-paint the walls an nice bright open color, and re-paint the cabinets a crisp white. Perhaps when we get there...we'll be able to get new appliances. A nice big fridge, new dishwasher, new range, faucets, light fixture, etc.

10. Playset. This is contigent upon the growth of our family and/or my business. I may be able to use business funds to get this and hope to at least pay for 80% of it. I want something built in...with slides, swings, rock climbing, monkey bars, etc.

11. Hot Tub & Gazebo. This is DH's idea of important...he wants this before the patio!! Uh, I don't think so! I may be alright with it..but I'm not a fan of hot tubs without a pool...I think this can wait until we get our forever house. Although once we refit this house to fit US then we may be here for 20 years!

So that finishes the list for now. Of course by the time we get to #11 we 'll have new lists! But I can't wait to make this house our home, instead of living in someone else's. It's been done well, MIL has good taste and FIL has excellent skills, but it's reflective of them, not us.

Wow...I'm exhausted! Updates to come: with before and after pictures!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sickly Dogs...

I don't know what it is...but I seem to have dogs that only want to have abnormal bowel movements! I know this is kind of a gross topic; but I'm really not sure what to do. In the spring they were sick off and on with diarrhea, which I come to find out they had hook worm. Now this was complete owner/puppy parenting gone wrong. We forgot to get them heartworm meds and so therefore they were vulnerable to these parasites. Ok, we fixed them up; got them started on heartworm meds and they were good for a little while; then two weeks ago Banya (white female) started having diarrhea again, Panzer (tri-color male) following close behind the next day. This only lasted roughly three days collectively and I'm pretty sure was due to introduction of a new food type. My husband and I thought it'd be nice to have "treat food" canned wet dog food that they get only once in a while. You know to break up the monotony of the same food day in day out :-P
Well...ok not giving canned food anymore; now Panzer is at it again. It is so weird since they are fine ALL WEEK until Thursday (in this case 3 AM Friday morning) and I don't want to call the vet if it's nothing, i.e. the last time. I don't know that he's eaten anything weird in the past 24-48 hours and that's what scares me. How long does it take for food to go through a dog's system (large dogs, Panzer weighs almost 120lbs)? I mean gosh...the dog sitter we had once let them eat plant fertilizer and no harmful effects (needless to say; he is no longer a sitter) but they seem to be prone to this, which is very stressful to say the least! UGH!
**UPDATE** Must have been something he got a hold of...cuz it was over by Friday night! So mysterious...I don't know. Hopefully everything is fine!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleepless nights...

I can't seem to stay asleep at night. I am so exhausted, but I wake up after 5 hours and just lay there with a million thoughts running around in my brain. I cut out caffeine after 7; and that makes me more exhausted, but it still doesn't help. I'm totally at a loss.

On other topics, the fence guy is coming today to flag the backyard for the fence. I am super excited to see the flags I can really get a feel for how it'll look once it's in. They are hoping to do installation NEXT WEEK! Totally so psyched, no more getting up super early with the dogs to go stand outside for 20 min while it's freezing and they find the "perfect" spot to poop.

I am going out for lunch today (with the kid-lets) and a friend. I'm excited. I never get to talk to anyone (except online) and NEVER get to go out and about like this.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Management Executive...

So...with DH on deployment and no crazy wedding to plan, I thought, "Now I can really get started on organizing my life!" Hopefully, I can try out a few things and implement one to make it work for me so when DH gets home he can just pop himself right in the already smoothly working plan. I have researched and researched all over the web, talked to the best organized people I know, and some not so organized ones: MILs, DH's work friends, Gmas, etc, but haven't really found that one system that really works for me. I have thought a lot about what makes my life so chaotic and disorganized...and therefore where I should focus my change. Here's what I found:
1. Cleaning: I have no idea where to begin...or even what it all entails. Horrible to admit, right??

2. Time Management: I am sooo horrible with this. I complain ALL THE TIME about not having enough hours in the day, but really don't I? I work more hours than most, but I work from home cutting out the commute and I'm here to take care of most if not all of the tasks I need to. I don't have any children yet, so what scares me is when we much worse is it going to be? I have poor motivational skills, but I think that stems from a lack of knowing where to begin.

3. Scheduling & Routine: I have a pretty darn good routine for the kids in my care; everyday is the same and they are happy and healthy and thriving for it. Myself, however, I have no set rest time, no set work time, no set bed time, etc. I take care of myself AFTER everyone else gets done: before DH gets his shower, and now even before the dude who stays downstairs part time! I get up earlier for someone who shouldn't even be my concern! I trash my sleep routine so they can get all the rest they need. I really need to start making it mandatory for my routine to come first instead of being so flexible ALL THE TIME.

4. Meals & Healthy Eating: I work so hard to meal plan and supply the DC kiddos with healthy and nutritious meals...but I completely blank out for DH and myself. I take no time or effort to meal/grocery plan for us and therefore have no idea what to make at 5pm when I'm exhausted and lazy! I also never take the time for myself to eat during the day...I'm too busy getting the kiddos to eat, changed and napped that lunch and/or breakfast just usually don't happen for me.

I think about the way things are now, and I get very overwhelmed and frustrated. Then I think what is going to happen when children come? We don't have the energy, motivation or wherewithall to get it all done now to finish big projects (like the patio outside, basement remodel, and yard and deck maintenance.) Luckily we have decided to give ourselves time to become more financially stable and therefore I have to time to become the home managment executive I wish to be before our own rugrats are thrown into the bunch.

Yesterday I sat down and made a "Home Management Binder." In it I categorized all the areas I wish to be more organized about: Cleaning, scheduling, time managment, meal planning, school, the daycare, socializing, etc. I have researched cleaning methods and routines, seasonal cleaning and emergency preparedness, projects around the house, and meal planning guides. I gather there isn't a "quick and easy" way to get started, but I hope the end result will be everything I hope it to be. It is really scary, overwhelming, and daunting to say the least, but I think I am ready, willing and able to make it happen!

The Front Cover

Planning & Time Management

Schedules: I have made a master daily schedule for myself and for DH. It's not exact by ANY means, but it at least lists out everything that should be happening daily. Because of classes, I have had to make separate ones for Tuesdays and Thursdays and for every other Wednesdays.

Calendar...I have a big wall calendar and a personal school assignment book that I carry with me that I use currently so this is blank. I plan to have 3-6 months worth of calendars here for reference and referral.
This is for menu planning...I'm starting to become more organized with how we eat and how I shop and spend money for ourselves.

This is the place where all of my monthly compuatations are to be going...and the unpaid bills. This is so they are all in one place and I can physically see what we are to be paying out and what should be coming in. This should come in very handy once we refinance and get started on the basement.

Routines: Morning, Mid-day, Evening, Bedtime as well as weekly cleaning.

My monthly focus cleaning schedule

Seasonal Projects/Cleaning

Here's for a list of projects and needed items for around the house.

Example: the drawing of the basement remodel.

Daycare stuff will go here.

Contact list...master list of all friends' & relatives' addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Our area for our emergency planning guide. This will include the lists of things to keep on hand and where to find them. Also, directions to the house in case we are incapable to give out to emergency personnel. As well as fire, police, hospital, and poison control numbers.

Here is where I can write down things that might be helpful to outsiders, myself or DH.

So that's Home Management Binder for the HME!!! I guess I am really excited to get started with it..although today didn't start out so good!
Wish me luck! My inspiration for this book came from sites such as,, and blogs like: and and various others that I can't remember as of right now :(