Monday, July 27, 2009

Married life and all that it is...

So one month and counting. I am so excited to be married to my wonderful husband, but it is difficult to be so far from him so soon after we tied the knot. He's deployed, yet again, and won't be home for months. Not only is he gone, but he's missing his birthday (which means I have to go to a certain function which I am not all that excited for) and my birthday, which is totally a bummer! I understand the need for him to go...I respect his job in the AF and his desire to serve and provide security not only for me (and our little family) but also for the nation and the world at large; but it is difficult to say good-bye yet again.

So far, we've had some ups and downs, as all couples do. It really felt though like we weren't really married, though because we had very little down time following our honeymoon. We had to run here and there, see this person that person and hear him get the guilt trip from his guy friends who really are worse than any girl.

I've been trying to stay busy, and so far (3 days) it's working. I'm finding my own group of friends here finally, that don't have anything to do with him and that is AWESOME! I need to get a haircut, clean my house and finally devote some time to the lawn; hopefully I can gain some motivation and momentum and get it all done, lol.

I am a little upset about all that I have to do and prepare in order to have a legal, licensed business in my's alittle silly. Yes, I understand the need for all of the rules, but it still stinks! :( I am NOT looking forward to the zoning hearing board in August; premier reason...I HATE public speaking.

Oh, well...wish me luck!