Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Portraits...

Back in August, hubs and I got some family portraits done! Just to commemorate our 1 year anniversary and our family as it stands now. We chose not to do engagement pictures, and our wedding pictures were less than stellar ( is NOT someplace I would recommend to anyone...the photos sucked, the dj sucked and made my day less than special! The only thing that ended up the way I planned was my wedding album...which I designed myself by the way!)
Mi familia
We went to Union Canal Park in Lebanon, PA. It's a beautiful area, very green and pretty. They have this beautiful stone canal structure (seen behind us in the picture above.)
Our photographer did a great job collecting candid photos of our "posed locale shots." I can't remember for the life of me what I was laughing at! DH makes me giggle all the time though, it's one of my favorite thigs about him.
My baby boy Panzer

Pretty girl Banya

After the park, we changed outfits, threw the dogs in the car and headed to the Annville, PA train station. It's not a working train station, but has been turned into a museum.

We did catch a train speeding by though!

My handsome honey!

By FAR my favorite picture. Erika did a great job. Check out her fan page on Facebook:
and her shutterfly page:

Bridal Shower...

Saturday, September 18, I hosted a bridal shower for my good friend Heather. She's getting married to her fiance (of 2 years, whom she's been dating for 10+ years) on October 2! Eeek, it's only a week away! Heather and her bridesmaids.
Our theme was based on the colors hot pink, black and white with a damask print at center stage, accented by beautiful and happy hot pink Gerbera Daisies. (found online at for less than $1.50 a stem)
As seen above in the plate/napkin/utensil set up on the food table.

Food table
Each bridesmaid was responsible for two dishes; served hors d'oeurves fashion. Lots of dip and veggies and crackers, (including homemade roasted red pepper hummus, crab and spinach dip, baked brie bread bowl, 3 different kinds of onion/garlic dip) stuffed mushrooms, cucumber tea sandwiches, and "texas caviar" (I do not have this recipe but it's super yummy. It's like a cross between a bean salad and salsa...a tad spicy, but full of nutritiousness and yummyness! and no there's no fish eggs in it!)
Gift table
Cake (from rosie's creative cakes out of Lancaster PA)
wine bar set-up

Heather was a beautiful and gracious guest of honor, and seemed very happy by all the effort that went into the party. She received lots of great gifts for her home, and was genuinely pleased by everything. Next up is the bridesmaid's luncheon, the rehearsal and the wedding day!
I too was very pleased by everything and how it turned out. A lot of planning went into it, and I spent way more than I should have but it was perfect and Heather had a great time, so that's all that matters!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Been a busy few weeks...

It's been a crazy few weeks. We got our patio renovated, built stairs for the deck, threw a party, and in between all of that worked, started two new babies at the daycare, started planning a baby shower, continued planning a bridal shower, and tried to grow some grass.

Schedules are overrated ya know? LOL I say that because due to the high-volume of items on my plate over here...the schedule has suffered. Back to the starting line. I'll try this again!

Oh and I bought new bedding and new throw pillows for the master bed from :)!!! SO excited to get the bedding in the mail! I plan to use my old duvet cover fabric and sew some more matching throw pillows. A girl can't have too many pillows on her bed can she?