Monday, May 26, 2014

I need to make a change...

For a long time, I've known that I needed to change my eating habits. Typically, hubby and I eat pretty healthily. We eat balanced meals with the general food pyramid guidelines. However, we also typically overeat. Our portion sizes are way too big. We love food, what can I say?? The yummies call to me, lol

Back in October 2013, I ran my first half-marathon.

I had been training for months, since my 10k the previous April. I ran 3-4 times per week and gradually increased my mileage and added speed work during late summer. I was hoping to lose some weight and become healthier, but I was more focused on accomplishing my goal of running the entire half. Right before my half, I weighed myself and I was weighed in at 148. I was ecstatic. Regardless of how much I ran, how much I watched my calories, I was having trouble getting below 150.

The month following my half, we moved to FL. I stopped working and became a housewife. I also stopped running. I fell into a funk and just stopped caring if I exercised, what I ate. The abrupt cessation of exercise and daily activity and then the freedom to eat whatever and whenever I wanted just was a recipe for disaster. In February I went in for a doctor's visit and was astounded to see the scale at 158. As the months have gone by, even though I am aware of the increased number on the scale, I've been waffling between caring and just not giving a damn. The times when I care, I buckle down and meal plan, stick to it and am motivated to change things. Then I just sort of give up. I haven't found the discipline to follow through. After reaching 164, I knew I had to do something to get my weight under control. We are trying to have a baby, and I know that weight can inhibit fertility. And I don't want to be a fat pregnant lady or a fat mom. I just don't want that to be ok.

I have some genetic gifts I am blessed with, and have never been happy about my body shape. I grew up "skinny", but then puberty hit. Overnight, my body changed. Now, I have a large chest and wide hips and thighs. These are passed down in my family on my mom's side from her mother's side. Yippi! After hearing all my life, "you can eat whatever you want", "skinny-Minnie" and general other judgments about how I was built differently than my siblings and cousins, I learned to dislike what I have been born with. I have to learn to be ok with the way I am built, but find the motivation to work towards being healthy, even if MY healthy isn't what is considered "beautiful" or "sexy" in today's world.

I need to make a change. I need to find the will and motivation to persevere even when I don't see results and even if I don't love what I see in the mirror. I am looking into some exercise programs

and some races in my area that I might like to train for. I am also researching doing a Whole30 or moving towards a paleo type diet. The benefits of this type of plan are that it is really a lifestyle change. Instead of consisting mostly on processed grains (whether whole or refined) you focus on protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. Carbs can still be a big part of daily diet, but they come from nutrient rich vegetables instead of grains or beans. People who have found success on a paleo lifestyle have reported the reduction of inflammation in the body, clearer skin, clearer thinking, and some have lost weight. Some have even reported the complete turn around of auto-immune diseases and other health problems. I am not looking for a "magic diet" or a trendy "fad diet." But after discussing things with my hubby, we are interested in trying a Whole30 challenge, with modifications. Neither of us are looking to completely cut out gluten or beans forever. We both just need something to focus on while trying to limit portion sizes and make healthier choices.

So, we are going do this! I am excited. I am looking up healthy meal ideas and have created a Pinterest board devoted to whole30 and paleo type recipes and meal ideas.

Much Love and Best wishes,