Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Projects for our Home...

So upon speaking with DH yesterday, finally some uninterrupted instant messenger time, we have decided on our schedule of house projects. Now, don't freak out when you read really is doable. We have decided we are going to work on a little by a little; but we'd prefer to be done by the time we start our family!

First and foremost: Fencing! YES PLEASE! It is already August and I can feel winter and it's chilly biting wind rapidly approaching. Me + 2 rambuncious, very large dogs + winter wind + 5:30 AM = not appealing in the least. Let's just say one winter of that crap is enough. To have a fence and to be able to let the dogs out alone is the best thing I truly can possibly imagine right now!

2. Contingent upon approval of my family daycare home from the township zoning board is the playroom & driveway. Depending on when that comes in (Sept or Oct.) we will do this ASAP! We have agreed to move the playroom from the large spare bedroom to the living area and enlarge the driveway for the safety of our family (in the future) and my clients.

3. Basement. This is already in the works...contractor man is working on a proposal as we speak...refi is approved on the house and we should expect pay out by the end of the month! Once DH is home from the sandy place, we will begin moving our clutter and demoing the basement. He feels confident we can get it done in 2 weeks!!! Really! I'm skeptical..but we'll see! We will be adding a bathroom, moving the laundry facility, adding an outside exit on the other side of the basement, and finishing the rest of the area. New walls, ceiling, flooring, paint, potty fixtures, (maybe eventually front loading washing machines :)!!)

4. Garage: DH's man space. We will be insulating it, finishing it, moving work benches, lawn care areas, adding industrial shelves, painting the concrete floor and the walls a gun metal gray and it will be DH's work haven...let's just hope he learns how to use it, lol!

5. Upstairs Bathroom. Oh, how I long for the days when I can say I have 2 baths in my house...sure more to clean, but when DH visits the "office" for 45 minutes every day...I'll have someplace to go tinkle if need be! Plus little dcg won't have to practice holding it all the time ;) We are going to rip out the wallpaper and paint the walls with mildew/mold resistant paint and paint the trim. All the original furniture/fixtures will stay in place, although I may be able to talk DH into a wand shower head! .:fingerscrossed:. Bye bye pink flowers!

6. Bedrooms. These will actually be done in stages, since the majority of work is simply repainting and refinishing the floors. Start with MBR...paint walls and refinish the hardwoods, add drapes and new pendant light! Lg Guest Room...again paint (right now it's the a very vibrant green color) and draperies, floor refinish, and ceiling fan! Sm Guest Room...right now it is the napping room for dcks so we're going to go ahead and create a nursery. Keeping the crib in there with all the infant gadgets, redo the closet for small people, rip up carpets, replace wall sconces, paint a nice pretty color (neutral of course since we don't have babies yet) there will be a twin bed in there for guests in the mean time. I still need the crib for any infant dcks should I have I'll still be using the room until such time God blesses us with a baby. Dwn Guest Room/Office. This room is pretty well finished, so it'll be staying very much the same...eventually I'd like to replace the carpet, paint the walls, and remove the large counter top affixed to the back wall. My massive desk unit will move down there and we'll have twin bed #2 and dresser down there. It will serve as my office for the daycare as well as guest space.

7. Patio & Deck. Finally my patio is on the radar. Two years ago it was to be done summer of 08 then it was pushed to this summer and now **hopefully** it'll be summer 2010. I hope to have a nice pretty paver patio with beautiful pergola built atop and furnished with one of our amazing wedding gifts: our beautiful patio table. We may go with decorated concrete (not my favorite choice.) We will be adjusting the deck stairs to go the width of the deck all along the patio, and the deck needs re-painted. We'll need to get nice new dining chairs, a storage unit (for dc toys and cushions, etc) and a nice umbrella.

8. Bar. DH wants to build his bar from scratch! I say go for it...I'm worried it'll take forever, but I have faith and someday it'll be done. This is one of those items that will happen when it happens.

9. Kitchen. Yes redo the kitchen. Rip out the apple wallpaper and border. Re-paint the walls an nice bright open color, and re-paint the cabinets a crisp white. Perhaps when we get there...we'll be able to get new appliances. A nice big fridge, new dishwasher, new range, faucets, light fixture, etc.

10. Playset. This is contigent upon the growth of our family and/or my business. I may be able to use business funds to get this and hope to at least pay for 80% of it. I want something built in...with slides, swings, rock climbing, monkey bars, etc.

11. Hot Tub & Gazebo. This is DH's idea of important...he wants this before the patio!! Uh, I don't think so! I may be alright with it..but I'm not a fan of hot tubs without a pool...I think this can wait until we get our forever house. Although once we refit this house to fit US then we may be here for 20 years!

So that finishes the list for now. Of course by the time we get to #11 we 'll have new lists! But I can't wait to make this house our home, instead of living in someone else's. It's been done well, MIL has good taste and FIL has excellent skills, but it's reflective of them, not us.

Wow...I'm exhausted! Updates to come: with before and after pictures!!

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