Sunday, August 16, 2009

The road to the fence...

Before: the forest in the backyard. Overgrown, unhealthy trees.In progress...dcg watching the "tree guys" take down the unhealthy overgrowth.
And the finished treeless look. Finally light can be seen in the backyard.
Some of DH's friends have called us "stupid" and "ridiculous", not to our faces of course, but behind our backs, such wonderful people. But, really...doesn't it look so much better? It's cleaner, lighter, and we GAINED 10 feet of to all of those naysayers: Thanks for the unasked for opinion. We'll make sure to ask FOR your opinion next time :)!

The fence is scheduled in next week. They have flagged the gates and the corners of the property for the string line. I hope it starts to go in by Wednesday so I can have pictures to show the township at my meeting.

Updates to follow...


  1. Jennifer, thanks for your question! We got that island/kitchen cart at Ikea - it came unfinished, and we painted it ourselves. :)