Monday, August 24, 2009

Fence is DONE!!!... the fence company came last Thursday (when it thunderstormed EVERY afternoon for 3 days straight) and started the fence.
Day one was simply stringing the lines, marking the posts, digging the holes and setting the posts. They had to cut short due to the weather, hey I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I had offered them the use of the driveway for their machinery while they were here, so they left that behind...not quite sure where the miscommunication came in...but again, the benefit of the doubt.
They came back Friday and began cementing the posts and actually putting the sections together. It started raining a little before lunchtime so they quit for the day then but finished the cementing then. It definitely didn't look pretty; between the wet ground and their front loader machine my yard was disgusting. I had to call my sole contact at the company to complain yard had debris strewn all over...cardboard and packaging materials and my driveway was still full of Amish work machinery. Yes, they are Amish and drive front loaders and trucks :? So but anyway I mowed on Sunday (found some pieces they had cut off and a screwdriver they lost, but it looked a little better.
They finished the job today and I have to say I am mostly pleased. It's straight as far as down the line, and although you can tell where the yard has dips and grades, I personally think it's a nice fence. The dogs and kids had a blast exploring the far corners of the yard...all in all I'm happy. I forgot to have them show me the one section of the fence, they left some of my neighbor's yards a mess with mud and dirt and there's bits of concrete all over the place. But come 5:30 am I don't HAVE to stand outside for 30 minutes while the dogs decide when or where to poop!!


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