Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm sure you've had those job interviews where you are nervously filling out the application hoping your resume is up to scratch and your references actually give good reviews. Well, I luckily enough no longer, well hopefully, have to go to any more of those. I get to be doing the interviews/present myself to potential clients. It is a joint interview and we both get to see if we are a good fit with each other.

I just had my first interview with a new family tonight. Firstly...their little girl is so darn cute and the parents are great. Secondly...They seem very down to earth and were very pleasant and up front about what they want or need for their little girl. Thirdly...They are very close by, and would be my first family from my actual town. Fourthly...They are related to one of my former little "ones" from the daycare! I'm wondering if perchance they like me enough to sign on...the other family will too. I have a good feeling, but don't want to get my hopes up about too much.

I did come to the realization though last night that I may have to let a family go. I have two part time families and while they are both great...I lose money on part timers. I definitely want to keep my options open and hope that everything works out...but I think that DH and I have made a decision together as to what may be best if I am approached with several full time families. My biggest concern is telling one family...because I may actually lose another family in the process. I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles and no one else will look out for number 1 except for me. :( Sad as that may be. We can't afford to be "nice" and play the "good guy"; but how do you handle being the one to create stress for another person...and maintain a good reputation?

Keep your fingers crossed for me...I hope they say yes!

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  1. "no one else will look out for number 1 except for me" - exactly!