Sunday, March 18, 2012

March goals

I am starting late on my March goals, so there won't be many. Just a few cleaning & daycare related things.

  • sweep & vacuum upstairs floors daily.
  • take temp daily, note on chart.
  • make bed daily
  • empty sink daily
  • cook/eat at home 6/7 nights
  • do 3 projects per week for daycare kiddos
  • work on photography every day
  • read 1 non-romance book: my list
  • spend time with girlfriends
  • make & keep playgroup dates for daycare
I'll check back on April 1 to see how I did.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Thursday morning, I had 4 wisdom teeth removed. Yep, I'm 29 & most people get their teeth removed during high school or college. Oh, well. I guess I like to make sure it's necessary.

Right after surgery
The two teeth they pulled intact. Two others had to be broken.

The surgery went well and I'm feeling pretty good considering I've never had surgery before. I chose to go under general anesthesia, which created some anxiety in itself. I'm glad I did because it's been reported that they had to break 2 teeth to remove them and I can NOT imagine seeing the surgeon above me pounding on my tooth to break it.

34 hours after surgery. slight swelling on my right side.
Anyways, feeling better than I thought I would be.So thankful for my awesome daycare families for being so understanding why I closed Friday & Monday and also to my friend  Megan for giving up her day to watch my daycare kidlets so I didn't have to close an extra day.

I have the BEST hubby in the world. He's been an amazing nurse and I might just milk this for another couple days! :) Nah, I won't do that to him.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the road to baby H, BFN

I haven't been tempting so I am assuming my dpo, but I *may* be 14 dpo (based on a 28 day cycle with O on/around cd14.) Usually, I have a 30 day cycle and O on or around cd17, so based on that information, I would be 10/11 dpo.

BFN on a EPT Certainty digital this AM.

I want to go get some Dollar store tests and some First Response Early Results as well. Hubby hates when I go overboard, but idk....I really want to make sure it's negative. Also, I want to pick up a new BBT.

I have my wisdom teeth extraction on Thursday morning, which unfortunately for me is supposed to be cd1. I didn't plan too well, I guess.

Noticed some light spotting this morning, but my breasts are still tender (unusal for PMS, they are usually back to normal a day/two before I spot/start my cycle.) Also, different this cycle is that I've noticed cramping mid-cycle, several days in a row. I was feeling *heavier* in my lower abdomen, so I was thinking this might be the cycle, but we shall see I suppose.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

On the road to baby H, Progesterone

My progesterone levels are good. I didn't get a number from the doctor because, well, I didn't think to. But according to Dr. M, I "definitely ovulated."

Now we play the waiting game to see if the clomid was what I needed to give me a boost. I am testing on Tuesday 3/13. That's two days before my next cycle's "start date" & I am scheduled for my wisdom tooth extraction on the 15th (can we say bad timing on my part). I don't want to cancel if I don't have to, but obviously, if I am pregnant, I don't want to go under anesthesia or take pain meds. Or deal with pain after the surgery withOUT pain meds

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On the road to baby H, cycle day 21

Today is cycle day 21. I went in to have blood drawn for a progesterone count. I should find out in a few days whether I ovulated or not.

We did really good with baby dancing this cycle. I found a few tricks I was able to use to keep DH interested and feeling spontaneous. That's a hard thing to do when you are trying to go every 36-48 hours. I won't go into any details, but at least this cycle, things are looking good on paper.

I wanted to restart temping last month, but I can't find my basal body thermometer. Will be getting a new one before the next cycle day 1. Will try to post my charts or a link to them as I post. my chart

Nervous for the progesterone results, I have this fear that I'm going to test low, even with the clomid. At least then we'll have an possible explanation for the past 20 months of non-conception.

I can start testing around about next Sunday/Monday. Perhaps this month will be the month!