Saturday, October 19, 2013

One week to go...

Monday marks the first day of my last week of work before our move to Florida. It is bittersweet. I will miss my amazing kiddos and their families so much. I will miss my Donna (my awesome and amazing co-teacher), my mentor and employer, Amy, and all the girls at my center so so very much. I feel at home there. I feel like I belong. I feel a little lost that I am leaving. I know my babies will be well taken care of. Their new teacher is amazing and has settled in nicely. She is a center employee of 5 years and has worked with the older classes, but this is the first time she is with such a young group. But, the kiddos seem to love her, and she seems to genuinely enjoy them as well. That is essential for taking care of that particular age-group.

Sunday is my very first Half-Marathon! I am so excited to be here so close to this race, but scared to actually run it. I must be very vigilant with my food and water intake today so that I give myself the best chance possible at running a great race! The only competition I have is with the woman in the mirror tomorrow morning.

Our home closing (for the house I just bought, eek!) is set for 10/30, and I am excited to do a walk-through and see the actual home! Last time I was there it was in framing, which is hard to look at and envision.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The only constant in life is change...

Things are about to change in our lives.

We are moving. Moving states away. I just bought a house states away, and it's feels official now. We are moving.

My wonderful hubby, the awesome man that he is has gotten a new job and we are moving to Florida. I traveled down this past weekend, along with my mother in law, because my dear hubby is away for work, and we bought a house.

As long as everything goes as planned, we close on 10/31. Just a few weeks away!

I am excited, nervous, sad and thankful. Can't wait for him to get home so we can move!!

More on that to come.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Planning...

I've got 6 weeks until my vacation, 7 weeks until my first 10k race, 9 weeks until my first mud run/obstacle course, 13 weeks until my first Tough Mudder, and 14 weeks until the baby shower a friend and I are hosting for friends. There are a lot of things to get together, get done and work on before then. These things include: running and strength workouts, birthday parties, house de-clutter, some household projects, work, organization, etc. Lots to do and only a finite amount of time to get schtuffs done. Solution for attacking this to do list and potential procrastination problem?
Weekly planning.

Today is Sunday, so I will start here.

Workout: Strength This is normally my day off, but I have been slacking, so I must gets my butt in gear.
Lesson Planning: Dr. Seuss week, prep lesson needs for next day
Sweep & Mop kitchen floor
Vacuum carpets
1 hour work in former daycare room
Make lunch salads for the week
Dinner: Cod, rice & veggie

Workout: Strength
1 hour work in Spare Room.
Prepare lesson needs for next day & Wednesday
15 minute maintenance clean: bedroom
Dinner: Chicken stir-fry & rice

Work meeting
15 minute maintenance clean: upstairs bathroom
Dinner: Quick Meal

Workout: Strength
1 hour work in "Nursery" Room
15 minute maintenance clean: kitchen
Prepare lesson needs for next day
15 minute maintenance clean
Dinner: Beef Stroganoff, noodles & veg

Workout: Run: 3 miles, intervals
Trash night
15 minute maintenance clean: laundry room
1 hour work in "Nursery" Room
Prepare lesson needs for next day
15 minute maintenance clean
Dinner: Chicken Quesadillas

Workout: Strength
1 hour work in Garage
15 minute maintenance clean: living room
Prepare meal plan for next week & grocery list
15 minute maintenance clean
Dinner: Chili & rice

Workout: Outside run: Long run, 4 miles
Meet with contractor friend to determine materials needs and purchase.
15 minute maintenance clean: office (bills/paperwork)
Grocery shop
Mail birthday & Christmas gifts (Ack...yes I am way, way behind!)
Dinner: Tuna Noodle Casserole

Healthy 2013 Check In...

Since starting my fitness & diet plan for a healthy 2013, I have had starts and stops. But, I am happy to realize that I have lost a total of 8 pounds.

This I mostly attribute to eating salads for lunch most days. Coupled with being ill (strep throat and stomach bug) recently.

Starting weight (1/21/13): 155 lbs
Current weight (2/24/13): 147 lbs
Change: -8 lbs

Measurements: (2/15/13)
starting: 36"
current (2/24/13):  36"

starting: 41"
current (2/24/13): 41"

starting: 36.5"
current (2/24/13): 36.5"

starting: L: 12" R: 11"
current (2/24/13):  L: 12" R: 11"

starting: L: 22" R: 21"
current (2/24/13):  L: 22" R:21"

Monday, January 21, 2013

Healthy 2013 Begins Today...

Today is the day I start my new plan towards fitness & health.

Hubby and I sat down on Saturday and created a work out plan designed to get me ready for the Tough Mudder in June. Each week, we plan to adjust this plan to be specific to my needs, any pain, and how I'm progressing.

This week goes as follows.

Monday: Strength Training

Tuesday: Cardio (treadmill)
5 minute warm up
6 miles run
5 minute cool down

Wednesday: Strength Training

Thursday: Cardio (treadmill)
5 minute warm up
6 miles run
5 minute cool down

Friday: Strength Training

Saturday: Cardio
5 minute warm up
1 mile fast walk outdoors (will be running a 10k outdoors in April, need to work up to cool weather running)
5 minute cool down

Sunday: Rest

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Planning...

This weekend is already started, but here's what I'm planning on accomplishing.

Chicken Enchiladas
Put out Valentine's Day

Work (3 hours)
Hem the curtains for classroom
Take down the Christmas decorations
Vacuum Carpet
Bowling with friends

Walk outside (to become acclimated to the outside temp)
Lesson Planning

Daycare Inservice
Lesson Planning

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Out of It...

I have been feeling fuzzy.

Does that sound weird?

I really can't think of a better word. My head feels fuzzy and cloudy. I have had a constant very slight head cold for the past few weeks. Nothing extravagant, just some drainage and at times sneezing and intermittent cough. That, to me, doesn't really explain my lack of cognitive abilities!

I just can't get my head around what I need to do. I constantly want a nap or just to sit.

With the start of 2013, I really want to become more organized, so I must find a solution to work around this problem right now.

Any ideas?

 ---Update: 6/2014
Just wanted to post that I ended up having strep throat again. On 1/17, I went back to the docs, they took a few vials of blood and did a basic exam. Nothing alarming. That was a Thursday, that next Monday I had full blown Strep. Which I had had over Thanksgiving 2012. The doctor thought that I may have not fully rid my body of it. She questioned the antibiotic I had been given at the walk-in clinic and gave me a stronger one. I felt immeasurably better 2 days later!

The blood work they did was on my thyroid function, a diabetes test and PG test, which all came back as negative or within normal range. So that was a relief! Nothing like a general feeling of "off" to precipitate some testing that tells you that you are normal and healthy! Well, healthy...I don't know if I've ever been normal!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Planning Recap...

Weekend planning follow up:

My plans for this week are:

Laundry, laundry, laundry
Outlet shopping with a friend.
Closet purging

More laundry
Lesson Planning
Finish the bulletin board blurbs (for work)
Re-organize the closet

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend Planning for 2013

This weekend, the first of 2013, is going to be a good one! I am determined.

My plans for this week are:

Laundry, laundry, laundry
Outlet shopping with a friend.
Closet purging

More laundry
Lesson Planning
Finish the bulletin board blurbs (for work)
Re-organize the closet

Not too much. Plenty of time to rest and just be.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weekend Planning - Check-In...

Happy New Year to you all!

Here's how my weekend shaped up. Green means that I accomplished said = no go.

??Girl's Night?? -- We will see how I feel after a day's work.

Laundry, laundry, laundry
Clean and organize Master bedroom closet -- purge and donate
Mop the kitchen floor
Dinner & Game night with friends

More laundry, laundry, laundry
Strip and remake the bed (master and spare)
Clean the upstairs bathroom
Grocery shopping
Start packing up the toys from the daycare.

Monday: Day off for me!! Woot woot
More daycare toy purging
Organize daycare craft supplies
Sort paperwork/bills/mail
NYE out and about with friends

Tuesday: New Year's Day
Recover from NYE festivities
Lesson Planning
 -- Yeah, that sounds like about all I want to do that day.
??Maybe some Christmas decorations will get put away....maybe...if I feel like it! LOL

A very ambitious weekend...and I did about half of what I planned. That's about par for the course for me. It is Thursday, though so I'll be back with another round of planning tomorrow. I do have a date with a treadmill this evening though. Wish me luck!