Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Accomplishments...

So last Friday, I attempted to begin to hold myself accountable for my lack of motivation and participated in Molly's (My Happy House) and Gia's (A Life In Progress) Weekend Plannign Blog Hop.

Here is what I accomplished this weekend!
Friday: I had to work my normal 6:30am to 5:00pm:
Supervise delivery of our new WINDOWS!!!! -they are beeee-uuuutiful! I can't wait until we can install them!!!!!
Deep clean the bathroom
Wash towels
Mop kitchen & bath floors
Make Garlic Chicken and Vegetables for dinner --hubby made chicken curry and rice instead! YUMMY

Saturday: Hubby worked this weekend and I woke up with another bout of this cold I can't kick...oh joy, week 2 of it.
Order new rug for living room-- decided to wait until it went on sale again, plus hubby isn't 100% sold
Change sheets in Master bedroom
Deep clean kitchen
Michaels run for daycare supplies
Wal-mart run for daycare supplies (and a folding footstool!) --mish mashed enough other supplies together, I didn't need to go! yippee
Farmer's Market
2 loads of laundry --happened on Sunday...still kinda counts right?
Dinner: leftovers -- therefore clean out fridge --hubby's brother & sis-in-law were in town with our nephews so we ended up at the in laws for fridge did not get cleaned out :( There's always Wednesday.  

Clean out Pantry
Install new organization systems for pantry (should be arriving on Saturday I'm soooo excited)
Replace pantry items in new organized pantry-- see the new Pantry Overhaul!
4 loads of laundry
Pre-plan Halloween curriculum for daycare
organize craft items & recycled items for crafts
organize daycare desk, clean, sort and trash
??Mow lawn -- this one totally depends on if it stops raining!
Dinner: Tuna Noodle Casserole

I am so proud of myself! Even with a cold, I still managed to accomplish most of my to-be-dones!

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