Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pantry Re-vamp...

Saturday morning was very exciting at our house! This GIANT box arrived with all my goodies from The Container Store!!

Even the doggies were excited.

 My loverly organizing items.
 A couple lazy susans, Elfa cabinet pull-out bins, a clear packet bin and two LARGE shelves
Two small mesh stacking shelves and a cabinet door wrap rack.


My pantry started out like this:

 :( It made me so sad and scared whenever I tried to find anything.

 Everything was pretty much thrown in and un-findable.
 Scary! EEK!
 Door before:

After: Things are placed together by function, shape or size. Bottom shelf (from left)is for potatoes, onions and garlic, vitamins, boxes and packets of soup mix, granola bars and popcorn!

 Very top shelf houses two very large stacking shelves with roughly 16" of space under and between them. This allows me to prioritize items that I want to keep on hand, but rarely use.
(From Top) outdoor party supplies (placemats, napkins, paper plate carriers.
                  cookie cutters, box mixes for fancy biscuits and desserts, plastic forks & knives, extra wraps

Next is room for my canning supplies on right, my breadmaker on left, giant bottles of Italian olive oil, spices & honey...and hubby's protein powder finally has a home. (It used to migrate from shelf to shelf!)

Drawers for my baking supplies (on left) and my less used appliances: Food processor & blender) Even though I rarely use these two, I still want ready access for when I do want to make a milkshake(YUM!!) or shred up some veggies or puree some baby food for the daycare baby-lets!

Over here are my bulk items: (see those spices again) things like flour, steel cut oats, couscous, cornstarch, 10x sugar, pasta, rice, etc.
 And my piece de resistance: The door rack for my wraps, foil & plastic bags! They like hanging out with my aprons! **The pink one has a picture of a corkscrew and says: "my favorite kitchen utensil"** These used to reside in a drawer, which is now freed up for more useful items.

It might not seem like too much change, and that's true...we have tooooo many things stuffed in this tiny space, but I can actually see, and/or touch everything. That in and of itself is MAJOR! 

Hubby's job tonight after work is to sort & purge some of his hot sauces that he never uses and I should really purge some of my entertaining items (or find a new hiding space) but I think I will wait until another day to do that!

Now, I must return to cleaning my kitchen and folding laundry! Hope your weekend is going well!

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