Monday, October 3, 2011

Monthly Goals, October...

I've seen a few posts regarding monthly goals. Since, I have a problem setting and finishing my own goals, I thought perhaps I'd give it another go-round in the form of monthly goals.

Here we go:
  1. Clean the dishes, sink and counters every night before bed for at least 4/7 nights per week.
  2. Help to install replacement vinyl windows
  3. Help to install, tape, mud, sand and paint new drywall in our basement living room
  4. Help to install new vinyl flooring downstairs
  5. Prepare and implement daycare curriculum 4/5 days per week.
  6. Eat out less - cook at home more often. (6/7 nights) --we typically do this anyway, but since the flood, we've been VERY, VERY bad at keeping on track.
  7. Find and interview an acupuncterist.
  8. Read 1 book not related to fertility or trying to have babies.
  9. Get ahead of laundry and maintain that level
  10. Bathe & brush my pups at least once a piece.
  11. Maintain my cleaning routine at least ONE FULL WEEK without fail! --this one will be H-A-R-D for me!!!
  12. Finish sewing my spare room curtains. They are pinned and just waiting for a hem.
  13. Bite the bullet & order new bed for Master bedroom.

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