Monday, October 17, 2011

My New Bedding...

We have been working on our master bedroom decor for a looooong time now. I feel like it has been foreva and one day.

The problem lies in the fact that my husband and I while full of ideas lack time, knowledge and some tiny little item called motivation. To put it simply, we're kinda lazy. Yea, I said it. Gotta own your issues, right?
Well, I guess one step at a time...and we're making progress! Right now my handsome-not-so-handy hubby is hard at work installing drywall in our sad basement. ALLLLrighty-then! I can see some mudding and taping in our foreseeable future...not by US of course. Our good friend Troy is going to help us with that step...cuz we've heard that can literally make or break your room.

Anyway...I have made a few more baby steps on the roads to finishing our bedroom. Namely, I have finally found bedding in the colors and style that I wanted. It has taken me forever and a few instances that I almost ordered a boat-load of fabric and tried to diy my own. Whew, crisis averted there...I don't think that would have ended well!

So here it is.  

The throw pillows...which my hubby finds ridiculous...but I find adorable.
I also added two new panels to the window draperies.
PS Please ignore the paint swatches on the wall, our window ac unit, and our dusty nightstands! I'll have to add dusting to my to-be-done list.

Next for this bedroom.
• Install new windows
• Update trim
• fix trim (where dogs decided it looked tasty)
• Mount tv onto wall
• reinstall doors to the closet
• Install ceiling fan.

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