Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Road to Baby H, an intro...

On the Road to Baby H: A journal of our attempts to become parents, and our journey through infertility.

I am merging my two blogs. This one is my daily life and random home escapades. The second was my mostly private blog dedicated to our journey to become parents. I guess I've decided that since that journey is a significant part of our daily lives, it makes no sense to have a separate blog. So, I will be moving those posts over here over the next few days. The posts will be posted into their appropriate time frames of the timeline of this blog, if that makes sense. This was my introduction for that blog.

We are Jen & Aaron and we've been married since 2009. I work from home running my own daycare. Aaron works for the PA Air National Guard and is a federal employee during the week. We have two dogs and two cats and our lives are pretty busy between running my business, raising 4 pets and trying to turn our house into our home.
We've been trying to conceive since June 2009. It hasn't been successful so far and we're now at the point of talking to doctors to decide what our next steps might be. It's been emotionally draining and sometimes not pretty, but we both feel there are children meant to be in our lives and we're up to the challenge. We haven't decided what our final options might be...whether we are fully invested in ARTs, including IUI and/or IVF...but we are discussing and researching as much as we can.

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