Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On the road to baby H, SA...

Aaron's analysis was scheduled for Tuesday October 25, 2011. I got a call from Dr. Mantione later that afternoon with the results of the test.

He said that it everything was fine. Not the best, but ok. At the time I was dealing with an upset baby (who wouldn't take her nap) plus a 16 month old who was doing everything in her power to wake everyone else up, so the conversation was short and sweet. I couldn't think of any questions at the time. Although, now I'd like to ask...

What exactly do you mean, "not the best, but ok"

What were the numbers and motility and morphology?

What can we do to increase/better these results?

Should we abstain for a certain number of days/hours between BD during the ovulation window?

What does this mean for our fertility? Does it increase, decrease or maintain our chances of conceiving naturally without assistance?

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