Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plan of Attack...

You may have noticed my list of house projects from this post is quite long. And there have been several posts regarding the decorating schemes I hope to use for each of the three bedrooms. (See them here: Master Bedroom, Spare Bedroom, Nursery) So unhappy with my house :(

BTW, the list may or may not have gotten longer in the interim time frame. But ANYway, we were able to cross #s 1-3 off of our list...Fence was installed last August, the Driveway installed and Daycare space updated in September and the Basement renovation was completed in February. (The decorating is still underway...but we're able to live comfortably down there.)

Now, we are attempting to tackle the remaining projects on our list.

The major project being undertaken this summer is the Patios outside and refinishing the deck. However, these both are projects that require a great deal of labor and expanse of time...both of which we currently lack. So, we are looking into working with a contractor friend and a friend who is a professional painter to help us out.

But there are still a number of smaller projects inside the house that need to be addressed. And soon...and by soon I mean IMMEDIATELY. I've been living in "limbo" as I call it for 4 years. I want my home to reflect me and my hubs, not my in-laws, and I'm tired of white walls, no art and basic nothingness.

So, I've managed to talk hubs into alleviating this problem for me.
First, we took all the projects and listed out in a logical order various steps needed to be completed for the project to move forward. Right now it's about 5-10 per project. Once those are completed, we'll evaluate and add more. So, for clearing the clutter in the office, setting it up with our desk, as a spare bedroom and creating Dh's Man/NERD haven we have these steps.
  1. Clear space in the office for desk and clean carpet, walls and ceiling.
  2. Take desk apart, clean and re-assemble in office
  3. Organize filing and house paperwork
  4. Set up Computer
  5. Organize electronics and gaming paraphernalia (Dh is an online gamer)
  6. Sort, purge, organize Dh's Nerd gear outside of closet (we decided his games, cards, paraphernalia must fit inside the room's closet...right now it's all over the room like it exploded!)
  7. Sort, purge, organize Dh's Nerd gear INside of closet

Then, we decided we'd commit to 1 hour each weekday night and 2 hours Saturday and Sunday to complete one to two tasks on our list.

So for the office area, it should only take us about 1 week to complete.

Our plan is to do this in every room of the house, so that we can start re-decorating the house to suit us. But we need to de-clutter to see what we have, what we would like to get rid of and what we need.

So, that's our plan of attack right now. Hopefully I'll be able to post before and after photos as they occur...but don't hold your breath :)!

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  1. You make it sound so easy to get it all done! Even with a list, we get side-tracked, things go wrong, etc. That's a great idea to set aside a little time each day to get something done so it goes faster.

    Thanks for commenting about the Droid. I've been having fun playing with everything! I'm still trying to figure out to how blog from it. My notifications aren't working so well either, so I've still got some work to do! Hope you're enjoying yours! : )