Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Blog Find...

I recently stumbled across and started following a blog by the name of "Just Organize Yourself" written by mom of three boys, Joy.

I haven't read ALL of her posts but some of the more pertinent ones to my situation and domestic dilemmas. Organization and domestic routines are really simple...or they sound that way. What's difficult is finding what works for you and using it routinely.

Joy makes it very easy to understand how and why she does her habits and routines and how they might be able to be used by someone else.
She suggests a "MOMSpace" and having a household binder among other great ideas for making routines and holding yourself accountable.

I have had my home management binder in place for almost a year...but am now more energized to use it again! I did tweak it, clear out some clutter and add one new section. I now have a "MOMSpace" even though I'm not a mom, but it is MY area to keep track of everything daycare, plan menus, follow our budget and keep track of our projects and daily tasks.

Go check her out! See if her ideas could work for you!

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  1. I just saw your comment on my budget post. Would you be willing to send me your empty spreadsheet? A spot for extra money would be perfect because we're military as well.

    My email is navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com