Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past week, the hubs and I took a vacation. Nothing too extreme or extravagant. We couldn't go far, DH was needed back at work on Thursday and on call Friday. So, we took a short road trip to Williamsburg, VA to visit Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.

We left early Monday morning (after daybreak of course...we're not ridiculous) and the ride down was pretty uneventful. Of course, you run into rush hour traffic around 8-9 am on Monday morning going around Baltimore and Washington that's annoying. But it was a beautiful and sunny morning and perfect for a drive.

We arrived at Colonial Williamsburg around 2:30 that afternoon and discovered to our immense pleasure and surprise that active members of the military and a certain number of dependents get in FREE...Yep my favorite four letter word :)! Score. I was planning on just a 10% discount, but free is EVEN better. Just make sure the military member has his/her ID and each dependent has theirs. Technically, to walk around Williamsburg, it's free...but in order to see the houses and take some of the need a I think it's worth the $39 adult fee, regardless. (This is for entrance into the Governor's Palace...I don't think it's worth it without seeing this too!)
Go to for more information. There are also online discounts and ways to plan your visit. We just toured and visited what seemed interesting to us...but there are shows, reenactments, and various other events that go on as well!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take any pictures that day...since my camera had decided to be ridiculous and not work :( Bummer. The day was great. We had a good time and it was really interesting.

We left around 5:15pm and checked into our hotel...PS you CAN stay in the Williamsburg Hotel or one of the guest houses in the town itself, but since we were planning on going to Busch Gardens the next day...I didn't see the point. *shrug* Maybe next time.

We had dinner at the Seafare Restaurant in Williamsburg which was pretty tasty! 1 whole bottle of wine later and we called it a night.

Tuesday, we went to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.
Again, it was free to active military members, with ID and up to 4 dependents. But you do have to sign up for their Hero’s Program...go to for more information.
Lots of things for kiddos to do..but at $51.95 for out of state visitors. ages 3-9 yo...I don’t see the benefit. Regular adult out of state tickets are $61.95; and I guess I can see where you'd get your money’s worth.
This wolf reminded me of my Banya dog...although Banya isn't so scary and scraggly looking :)!
One ride you HAVE to go on (as long as you aren’t afraid of heights) is the “griffen” !! DH made me go on it with him and I have to was pretty fantastic...shhhh!!! Don’t tell the hubby though!

PS there are passes you can get for all three tourist locales: Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA...It's like $125 and for a week you can jump back and forth between the three places...might be worth looking into for non-military members!

After Busch Gardens...we went to *Uno Chicago Grill* for dinner. Fabulous pizza.
By this time...I missed my puppers way too much and we left the next morning. I had a blast and would recommend this trip to anyone!
After we got home, we played with the pups for a bit...they were so cute...they missed us so much...although their Uncle Tim and Dh's dad did a great job taking care of them for us! Then we went to a matinee movie (The A*Team) and Sushi for dinner.
Thursday Dh had to work...I did NOTHING all day. Literally didn't get out of bed until 11am. *sigh* taking full advantage of being off work...yay!

Friday I did shopping and got a pedicure while Dh had some boy/nerd time and then I made dinner for us and Dh's friend W.
Saturday was more of the same as Thursday...nothing, sleeping in until 10...watched Food Network all day!
Today, my last day of vacation, I have to work. For one, I can't sleep. I've been up since 3:30am, we've got church at 9:30 and I have to do dishes, wash floors, vacuum carpets, and do laundry. Daycare starts bright and early tomorrow morning...I have a feeling 5:30am will come pretty quick! Can't wait. I've missed these kidlets so much! It's crazy how quiet it gets when then all go home and don't come back for a week!

Thanks to the Hampton Inn for a great hotel stay, clean rooms, sheets and towels and a great Continental breakfast! Thanks to the hubs for putting up with me and my neurotic ways...especially on vacay...and to our wonderful family for helping with the mutters so we could get away! :)

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