Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Time for the second installment of my "Wrap it up Wednesday" plan! There's also a Check-in reminder AND a schedule change announcement.

Last week, if you'll recall, my plan was to remove the cypress and take it and some other things to the recycling center, and plant my hydrangea. I got my hydrangea planted. That's all from the plan. I'd say that's a half-pass.

Well, I'm determined to do better. Even if I don't follow through on anything the rest of the week...I want one night devoted to crossing things off of my list!

So, this week, with Dh on board, we are taking a tarp and a Jeep full of lawn waste, including the cypress to the recylcing center, picking up a new recycling bin (we need a bigger one) and a compost tumbler. I live in such an awesome township...even if the give me crap on my daycare and make me pay outrageous least I see the effort back!

Plus, add to that is removing the carpet in the entry/breezeway and clearing all the clutter and dirt. That means, removing a dining chair that needs a new rung, boxes of books, random liquer and food items, and some yard ornaments.

Let's hope we can pull through!

Oh, and just a reminder: tomorrow is check in for the Happy House Challenge over at My Happy House! This week, I'm doing better than expected. I have trouble with dishes...considering I HATE them with a passion. Not just dislike...but HATE doing I can't even stand unloading the clean dishes from the dishwasher. I don't know why...I like clean dishes and the look of a clean sink and kitchen...I just can't make myself wash the dishes.
That said, this week so far since last thursday, I have had an empty sink 4/6 nights (this is not including the nights Dh has gotten up for a late/midnight snack and left his dirties in the sink when he was done...I count it as empty when I go to bed.) I still have to give my appliances a bath. The kitchen is my RDF for Thursday, so their bath will have to wait until lunch/nap time on tomorrow. Hopefully, Molly doesn't check in early! :)!!

Now for my schedule change reminder. Along the left hand column of my blog, you will find my daily and weekly cleaning lists: my LDF (Laundry Daily Focus) and my RDF (Room Daily Focus.) I still like the aspect of having one/two rooms to focus on and ONE type of laundry to run...usually meaning 1 to 2 (at the most) loads to wash, dry and fold. Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with my end of the bargain...and have decided to revamp the schedule a bit. I haven't exactly determined how, and what it will all entail...just stay tuned.

Hope your hump day is fabulouso!

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