Friday, May 21, 2010

Spare Room Design Board

The room is a 10'W x 12'L rectangle with a pretty large reach-in closet. (the closet measures 7.75'W x 3'D)

The door is located on the East wall of the room and there are two small windows at the corner of the South & West walls
. Again, this makes it rather tricky to get a good placement of furntiture for the room. Since I want this room to's rather important to be able to be able to move around in the room for guests and for say crafts, sewing projects, etc.

The inspiration item for this room is this fabric from

So this theme centers around yellow and gray with snatches of black thrown in for good measure.

The lighting fixture will be a ceiling fan. Yay...what awesome decor ::rollseyes:: but what the hubs wants...the hubs gets. I'm thinking of this one or one similar:
I think it will be white because I'm keeping the ceiling white and hopefully, it will blend in, allowing for air circulation and cooling, but limiting the lessening of ceiling height and window views.
The closet will have an organization system in place, not only to provide additional guest storage, but to provide long-term home storage. Here is where I will put all my supplies: sewing, my wrapping, extra daycare craft, and decorating items. This is most likely also where school work and school supplies will go. A desk will go along the South wall next to the closet and this will be my sewing and jewelry-making station. I hope to install a cabinet or shelves above the desk to aid in hiding the supplies I need out on the desk.
Being a beginner sewer, I definitely don't need a high end machine to perform basic sewing tasks, so I am asking for this
Eventually, we will be getting new Master bedroom furniture and therefore the spare bedroom will inherit the current master bedroom furniture. Since the furniture, the Pinella collection from Ashley Furniture Homestore looks like this:
I am planning the room around it and the inspiration fabric.
Which works right into the color scheme: yellow and gray with hits of black. Just for good measure I found some inspiration accent pieces. The rug, that I am in love with, I found at It's made from 100% cotton, and will give the room some depth and texture.
Just imagine this rug underfoot as you step out of bed in the morning. Isn't the color perfectly suited to the inspiration fabric? It's so punchy and fun, I can't wait to see it in place.
So, we shall wait and see. It's a project that hopefully gets done sooner rather than later, but isn't as yet a priority.

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