Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 3: Happy House Challenge...

Check in for the Happy House Challenge: Week 2's challenge was to empty your sink. Uh oh...I hate dishes...and even more when I'm tired. I'm lucky dishes make it to the sink. But I gathered my stuff together this week and pulled through with a positive score! YAY me.
Make the Bed: 7/7 AGAIN...go me, and Dh for doing one day for me!
Empty the sink: 5/7. Two nights I just didn't feel like it, so boo for those days...but 71% is still passing in my book.
**bonus task: Wipe down all appliances. Done Wednesday during my RDF! YAY!
This week (week 3) is Clear the clutter. Major trouble spot for me: the kitchen table. Being right off of the hallway and daycare room means lots of things get dumped there for "just a bit" and end up staying for an extended visit. This will be a good one for me!
After all it's all about routine, routine, routine...habit, habit, habit!

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