Sunday, September 20, 2009

NYC & Disappointments...

Yesterday I went to New York on a bus trip with my step-mother, J and step-sister, O. It was a long and tiring day, but I feel so exhilarated that I have finally been there and "been there, done that". Which does NOT mean I won't be going back. I want to move there tomorrow, lol. The vibrancy of the city and the differences between neighborhoods, and the feel and look (not the smell, though) were just enthralling and fascinating. I guess being from the "country" I never noticed how clean it smells here...but there is a smell of garbage in bigger cities that just permeates everything. It however, does not detract from the general splendor that is New York. We did the Empire State Building, and walked a ton; from Canal Street & Mulberry St. ALL the way to ESB @ 5th Ave. & 34th St. The consenses was not to pay for a taxi, although I wouldn't have minded. We stepped foot inside Central Park, shopped at FAO Schwartz and some street vendors at the San Gerrano Feast in Little Italy. We had amazing burgers (and a good beer) at HB Burger on W. 43rd St. and all in all had a good time. We were also told a joke by some NY firefighters having a smoke break outside their firehouse...NY's diplomatic policy...make the tourists laugh! Here it is...Did you hear the news about a cement truck that collided with a Fed. Penitentary Bus? Apparantly now they're on the look out for 'hardened criminals!' CUTE, right?!

In disappointing news, the little girl I interviewed with a few weeks ago, hasn't returned my follow-up emails and her cousin (who just turned 3 and used to be in my dc class) has decided to stay where she's at. She just moved to the preschool room and lives right across the street from the I can totally understand her parents' point, although I feel very sad and disappointed I won't get to see K everyday.

I have made fliers and business cards to pass out and try to drum up business. DH's step-mom has agreed to post a flier at church, so I hope someone will be interested from that. DH's cousin, M, seemed interested in my caring for her second son, D, but hasn't yet returned my hopefully she isn't turned off from my paperwork.

Friday was also the last day for the boys I recently terminated. They are starting next Tuesday at a center near mom's work. That I think will be good...older dcb will be able to play with and interact with kids his own age, and he'll enjoy greater stimulation and be less likely to be bored and realize he misses his mommy. I hope younger dcb does as well there as he has here...he started getting rough with the other boy I have here. He was holding him down Friday and squeezing on his head and ended up poking him in the eye. I had a hard time separating them apart, he was holding on so hard. It definitely wasn't "hugging" or playing.

I am very down about the business right now...I am trying to stay positive, but it's hard to know what the next move is. DH says I should just enjoy the ones I have, but I am still afraid I will lose the two full timers I have now...if I do...I am really up the creek. Wish me luck!
Anyway...I am off today to my friend's H's house...I have a sneaking suspicion this is a "bridesmaid's lunch." You know where she asks her friends to be in her wedding as a's me, her cousin and friend D, her sister-in-law-to-be, J, and her two best friends, T & L. I already know they are all going to be I expect at least a request to do a reading, lol. I'd be so honored to be included and can't wait to eat tacos and drink a margarita or two!

I also have to go buy more fish for the fish tank...since I tend to kill them :(, and more dog food. The dogs have a vet appointment tomorrow, so I will FINALLY know how much Panzer weighs...I know it's over 115 at this point!


  1. Didn't know you have never been to NYC or I would have surely invited you on all of our excursions we have taken there. I love love love it there as well. =]

  2. We should move there together! That would be great, great, great!