Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Almost Official...

Yes, that's right! It is almost official. I called the building code officer today to come back out and re-inspect me to make sure the list of items I needed to complete is done. That's on Monday, and the letter should come later that week. Tomorrow is the zoning hearing board monthly meeting, which means my letter of approval should mail on Thursday. I called the pavers today...he needs to call me back though since it's been almost 2 months since I received my estimate. I received my childline (child abuse/background check) and PA State Police background check letters in the mail last week (of course no worries there) and went in for my fingerprinting on Saturday. Ryan, the DPW officer I spoke to told me his came back in about a week, so here's hoping (fingerscrossed) mine does too. I do have to get in for a staff health assessment; and then I should be good to go! I almost can't believe it is so close.

My DH informed me the other day that he will be staying an additional 4 weeks. So yes that means the year we got married, he'll been gone 8 months. All the new wives I spoke to told me how annoyed they were after awhile of hearing, "So, how's the married life." I guess I'm not yet sick of the question because my answer is..."I'll tell ya when I finally get to enjoy it." or "I don't know yet, it would help to have a husband." I know sometimes I sound bitter, but really it's just that I feel second-best and I definitely shouldn't feel that the first 3 months of being married, ya know?

I forgot to do my school work this past weekend...surprise surprise. Why is it when I don't sign up for school...I am sitting around with nothing to do, but when I have things to get done, school work; papers to write; etc. I am on the computer or I have "crap" to do every friggin weekend? WTF! Like last weekend when I forgot...DH's friend got married, and that took my whole day. I swear people who have weekend weddings, need to have them either before lunch or in the EVENING. This early afternoon wedding crap is for the birds. It means I have to run around and get the stuff that I can't get done during the week done before like 10 AM (when I'd like to sleep in until then) and then hurry up and get ready and go watch a show. I mean I am happy for him and all, but 1pm on a Saturday in September isn't my idea of a good time for a wedding.

This weekend I am going with my step mother and step-sister to NYC. I've never been before and I so hope that we have a good time, please pray for NO RAIN! Then next weekend is yard saling with my mom on Saturday, dinner with MIL that evening and then Knoebal's Grove on Sunday with my mom and the kids I have in care right now.

Last week, I terminated care for the two boys I have part time. It was a hard decision, not just for that family but also because mom is best friends with the mom of my only full timers. I hope she doesn't feel compelled to pull her kids, because I just had to term. It was hard to wake up those days and dread the day of crying and pouting and whining from an almost 4 year old. The two year old I have right now puts it the best way..."You should be a big boy, friend! You're acting like a baby." If a 2 year old can figure it out...??? I feel bad for the family because it's hard to find quality care you can trust AND afford. I was charging her $55 a day for both kids together...and the center daycare I used to work at quoted her at $110 per day for both kids together! WHAT!?!? Maybe I need to reevaluate my rates, lol.

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