Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Labor Day weekend 2009; my first long weekend married, but without my husband. I have to tell ya...this is getting old. I love that he is so passionate about his work and I am glad to be a part of the whole process but seriously, when is family more important than the job?

Anyway, the pups had fun. They enjoyed eating different bugs than they find at home and were exhausted by the time dinner rolled around.
Uncle Tim made the mistake of letting Banya on the couch and they couldn't get her off. She decided she owned anything and everything on the couch...including the pillows.
Panzer just lounged around on the floor...there wasn't room for them both on the couch.

For some strange reason, they both dislike stairs and so refused to go upstairs to bed; even though I had a nice comfy bed all made up for them.

Panzer was so tired, he fell asleep like this...yes with his bone IN his mouth. Gosh my babies are so cute. I wish their daddy were here to see them this silly.

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