Monday, September 28, 2009

Losing IT!??!!...

So the past few months have been difficult to say the least. There have been some fun moments, bored moments, and really very stressful moments, but lately there have been WAY too many WTF moments. Like when I couldn't find my keys the other day and SPECIFICALLY remember putting them in my purse...only to find them an hour and a half later in a toy box. Only then did I remember letting dcb play with them on the way in from the car. Then I lost my camera, which I still haven't found. I have no clue where it could have gone to. I remember having at the park Friday...and it was around my wrist when we got our bag and headed to the car. I don't remember putting it in the bag, or in the car...and I don't remember taking it FROM the car when I got home. SO, I have no idea where to start looking for that. (NOTE: It is not on the desk...cleaned that and no camera!) Then I find I lost a diamond out of my 3 month old wedding band. However, since we were proactive and purchased them before DH's first deployment of the year, I should have had it in for inspection and cleaning in August...but since I've only been wearing it for 3 months, not six...I forgot. So now, 3 months after getting and FINALLY being able to wear it, it's lost a diamond and I'm afraid the warranty won't be valid and cover it. :( Then tonight, I was going to go to the jeweler's and find out what's what about the ring and can't find my wallet when I get to the convenience store for some gas. Again, I am specifically remembering putting it in my purse but again, it's not there. (found it sitting on the trash can lid in the garage!) I seriously think something is wrong with hallucinations of ex-fiance's coming back from the dead (Grey's reference)...but seriously is this symptomatic of anything? And if not...should it be?
Now, I know I am very stressed out right now. School's not going too great, I'm having zero luck finding new clients, and my husband is happily staying gone for another effing month, only to return with his lists of most important things to do while he's on leave...and I'm sure none of those involve my set-aside list (in order to complete his requests and just making it through the day) or giving me time to myself, or to relax, or just company. I know I complain a lot and everyone has said over and over and knew this going in, you signed on for this...yes, I may have known there would be deployments, and work functions and things to do, and two dogs are harder than one, and starting a business (and going to school) are all difficult things in and of themselves, but I really didn't know I would be alone so much of my first year of marriage, and having to hold on to everything so tightly I'm losing my mind...OH and don't forget WE DON'T EVEN HAVE CHILDREN YET! How is this going to go when that happens, I wonder...not so great, I'm certain!
Yep...I'm 27 and a newlywed and I've JUST LOST MY MIND!

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