Thursday, September 24, 2009


Taking all the dirt out of the lawn.
We asked them to take the entire old concrete sidewalk out too.

That backhoe (or bullybullozer as the dcg I watch) calls it really works pretty quick!
The finishe's way higher than I expected...all the way to the top of the bottom step.
But it looks nice.
There are three spaces horizontally in front of the house...
and a back up zone on the right hand side of the drive way.
The built up the side of the yard by the driveway...and broke the drain pipe. It looks like they just knocked it out of alignment, so hopefully I can get it put back together the right way. They also have the extra dirt piled in there by the garage step...not sure how I feel about that...but we'll see.

So the driveway project is complete. I can't drive or park on it for at least 48 hours and not for 4 days for the newer parts. It's different, and I hope that the expense will be worth...well I KNOW it will be if I can ever get new clients!

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