Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby fever??...

So, DH's friend, M & his wife (you'll probably never see this, but I put that in JUST for you, M!) just had their baby on Saturday 9/18/2009; E is a perfect, healthy, happy baby. 7 lbs 14 oz. & 20 1/2 inches long. Mom and Dad are good; it was a little hairy for Mommy, an emergency C-section was needed...but everyone is in good health now. I visited last night for a little while and baby fell asleep in my arms. He sleeps with his mouth open and I found it aweinspiring and completely touching that he's only 3 days old and already mom and dad know his little quirks and can tell you what 'this face' vs 'that face' means.
It's funny, but I'm not really jonesing on baby fever right now. I was happy to hold him and would be happy to babysit...but it didn't make me wish I were having a baby. Weird huh? I get into my moods where having a baby is all I think about, but then, I want to be secure and stable financially and ready for the little one. I also don't want to rush into it because of how "old" I am or that everyone else is doing it!
Eh! Who knows...right now I am waiting until after October of next year to have a I can not be a blimp and really enjoy NP & H's wedding. (DH...that does NOT mean we are waiting until then to start trying to make one!)
BTW, I was right it was a bridesmaid's lunch. AND, she asked me to be a exciting and what an honor! The rest of the girls are great and we seemed to all get this should really be fun. Although...I wonder if she will turn into a bridezilla!!! HAHA H, just joking, I know you'll be a great, happy, and fabulous bride! I am way excited!
Yesterday, the pups had a vet appointment (for their 3 year boosters) and we got to weigh Panzer FINALLY...I thought for sure he would hit at least 115 or 120 but he's only 102. Yes, I know he's still a big boy and we have to watch his weight to make sure he's not growing too much more. The dr. kept him on the same amount of heartworm meds, so we have to be very vigilant and I found out I AM feeding them enough! YAY! They did very well at the clinic, they sat when I asked...took the treats gently from the doc, Banya only peed once and didn't nip at anyone! I took them sense making two trips; but kept Panzer in the car so Banya could be seen and then rotated. I was able to clip their leashes to the jeep (they had just enough room to stand, sit, or lay down, but not to try to jump out of the car and choke! I kept the windows down and gave them water while they each waited. The vet wanted me to vaccinate them for the doggy flu (not contagious to humans, I asked!) but couldn't guarantee that they'd be covered when the get boarded this I didn't. They don't really get too much interaction with other dogs so I can't forsee it being a problem...but cross your fingers for us!


  1. Hello :) just wanted to say that I love reading your blog, I know it's absolutely nothing like mine, but so interesting