Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wrap it up Wednesday...

I am creating a fun game for myself. It's called Wrap it up Wednesday. This is the day that I choose one project or outstanding "to-do" from my list and FINISH it. We all know how it is easy to start on any number of projects, and one thing leads to have to make dinner, change a baby, feed the dogs, sleep, etc., etc. Well, I'm tired of it. Today, and all future Wednesdays, I am holding myself at my word...or well actions. I WILL finish at least one item today, if nothing else, lol.

Today's item: Removal of Cypress bush I began removing two weeks ago. We had a beautiful large cypress along the side of the garage that was ravaged by the massive amounts of snowfall we recieved in February. It had a hole in the middle where a large snow pile fell onto it from the roof of the garage. I tore it out. But, of course, little ole me couldn't get the stump out of the we must wait for hubs to get his man-strength out there and hack at it with the pick-axe. Done and done as of Monday...but now it needs to be hauled away and a pretty little hydrangea planted in it's place. That is my Wrap-it-up Wednesday item of the week. Do you have any items or projects to finish up today?

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