Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Fun...

So, today was my first day off from the daycare since New Year's. You'd think I'd sleep in and take it easy. Well, I did sleep in about an hour or so, then DH and I got ourselves around and got to work. We decided to try to make progress on our outside landscaping to-dos. It was a beautiful day, so we got started right after breakfast, around 8am. We worked from 8am until almost 5pm. We got most of our list done, or started, at least. We did run out of the last flower bed, the one with my hydrangea didn't get quite covered.
Last weekend we ordered 3 scoops (3/4 cubic yard each) and started working on the front yard. I forgot to take before pictures, but here are the afters.
This is our mailbox area...yes the door to the mailbox is broken more item for the list.
Here is the flower bed in front of the house, I know it's a bit hard to see. I'll try to take some closer photos.
Here is DH being a tard in front of my azaela! LOL Gotta love him!
And this is our trash corner. We put our trash container and recycling bin here...we shall see if the trash guys actually put the containers back on the stones.
Our actual work list today consisted of laying fabric and mulching in our two flower beds on each side of the house. We also needed to build a new flower bed in the backyard, in order to transplant the plants from our future patio area. We started with this:
And ended up with this:
. This area has my purple lilac, purple rhododendron and purple rose bushes, as well as this little climbing green and white perennial. Eventually, I'd like to enlarge this to a rectangle with a free-standing swing.
Here are the other areas we started with today and their afters.
After: This is where our future patio is going to go. Right now we have a limestone patio there, but we're going to build and install a paver patio after pulling that up. At least this area is cleaned up and the kidlets can play without wading through the weeds.

Before: The right side of the can see the air conditioner in our bedroom window.
After: These are my Raspberry bushes...I can't wait until they bear fruit. The berries are there, they just need to enlargen and ripen! YAY!

And one more hydrangea!
Stay tuned for more details about the patio and our yard extravaganzas! It includes this side of the back yard...for another patio.
This should be a fantastic before and after, no?!

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