Thursday, May 6, 2010

End of Week...

I have been battling a cold since Saturday morning. It started with a sore throat which moved to headaches and stuff/runny nose all day Sunday through, well, this morning. It hasn't been pleasant. I decided not to close, because, honestly, I wouldn't have sent any of the children home with these symptoms so I didn't feel it was fair to close. Needless to say, the children, save one, have caught whatever it is I have. I feel bad, especially since 2 of the parents have it now too. Hopefully, it is on it's way out. I felt more energetic yesterday, but back to the blah feeling this morning. We have a big weekend planned, so I best be on the mend! Hear that cold....GO.AWAY! hehe :)

So my schedule for the week has been a bit off. Therefore, today, tomorrow and Saturday, I have my work cut out for me...yay me! Thankfully, fingerscrossed, DH will be home on Friday (early) and can cut the grass, help me move one peice of furniture, take on some clean-up tasks and/or run out for last minute supplies. I'm including last night's TO DOS because, I didn't quite get everything accomplished.


Wednesday TO DOS:

  • Go to grocery store

  • Go to dollar store

  • Go to Target

  • Go to Liquer store - wine

  • move dresser upstairs to spare room

  • move desk/office clutter to office

  • move dc strategically in front of other desk :)

  • move bar and stools to useful spot

  • put liquer, glasses and accoutrement in bar -- clean bar, items and stools

  • change cat box

  • place felt pads on dining room chair legs

  • Fold LDF -Colors

Thursday TO DOS:

  • Everything orange from Wednesday
  • Clean Kitchen (normal RDF for today) Hoover floor and wash cabinet surfaces
  • Take out Trash -- DH is OOT so it's my job this week :(
  • Clean UP bathroom
  • Hoover hall floor, wipe walls, trim, doors and baseboards
  • Hoover DC floor
  • Vacuum basement carpet & stairs, bedroom, dc carpets
  • Clean out fridge and organize foodstuffs...make list of last minutes grocery items
  • LDF - Whites

Friday TO DOS: Dinner with friends

  • Everything orange from Wednesday and Thursday
  • Prep/Marinate pork chops
  • Make shortcake
  • Trim/Hull strawberries and sugar
  • Tidy Kithen, UP bathroom, dc room & Hallway
  • Clean DWN bathroom & Laundry room
  • LDF - Sheets
  • Dogs Nails Trimmed/Pets Mart shopping: dog food, cat litter, treats for dogs, Greenies teeth bones, pooper scooper
  • Clear & Clean table
  • Set Table
  • Dinner with DH's friend & his wife;
    Dinner will be:
    Rosemary Pork Chops with parsely butter noodles, asparagus, salad, and strawberry shortcake

Saturday TO DOS:

  • Farmer's Market (perhaps not...haven't decided...if I sleep in...not going)

  • Menu Plan & Grocery shop; go to Pets Mart...dogs nails cut & dog food, cat litter, pooper scooper, greenies bones, and dog treats

  • Get fresh flowers for Sunday lunch

  • Get SMIL Mother's Day gift

  • Make Family Project list for Front yard...go purchase/order supplies

  • Tidy up rooms, dishes, LDF -daycare & RDF - daycare

  • Dinner out with hubs
  • Bed early...hopefully :)

Sunday TO DOS:

  • Church 9:30
  • Give/drop off SMIL's Mother's Day gift
  • Home to tidy...prep for dinner
  • Prep dinner
  • Prep drinks
  • Dinner @ 2:30pm
  • MIL & SFIL, Mom arrive around 2pm
  • Start with special *pink torpedo cocktail* & Fruit & Brie Quesadilla App
  • Tour of basement
  • Dinner @ 2:30
    Dinner is:
    Lemon Chicken with Sweet Pea Tortellini
    Herbed Quinoa
    Avacado & Citrus Salad
    Mango Napoleons for dessert
  • Clean up and hang out for awhile
So busy weekend planned...hopefully the weather will hold out and it will be beautiful! Can't wait. I'll post and update on Monday. Hope your weekend is just as eventful, in a good way!

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