Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not such a good start...

So, this morning started rather blandly...the alarm went off at 5:25...I got up and started the coffee machine, took a shower, dressed and made the bed. At 6:10 I entered the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and make breakfast only to discover that the coffee maker decided to pick today to not work. The light is on...only no miracle morning starter is brewing. Uh...WTF?! Well, no problem I think, I have that special occasion French Press coffee I put some water on to boil and go get the pot. Things are going well, the water is happily bubbling away in the tea pot, I already have the coffee measured from my earlier attempt. I pour the boiling water into the coffee maker and return the tea pot to the stove. As I set the timer o 4 minutes of brew time...I stupidly place my hand RIGHT IN THE STEAM FROM THE TEA POT! Gosh that hurt! Under cold running water I go...some salve and now a moist cloth surrounding a baggie of ice sits on my hand. It's burned right at my knuckle of my thumb...making everything I do with my left hand and left thumb excruciating! Even typing this hurts like the Dickens! OMG...and DH tells me that his free medical coverage has run out, so no running to the doctor for some prescription salve for me. Oy vey.

Well, I guess it could be worse, and I guess it's ok that only one thing went wrong this morning...Damn coffe maker! I did make my at least I'm still on track for the "Happy House Challenge" and I started my LDF -whites already...made Peanut Butter and banana muffins for DC breakfast and have now had my coffee.

As for my Wrap-it-up Wednesday...I will have to remind myself next Wednesday that if I want to get yard work/outside jobs done, that I may NOT let myself stay outside for 1+ hours in 90 degree weather and become dehydrated.

I did get my pretty hydrangea planted...picture will go here! and we measured for my new flower bed in the outer backyard, and for the patio. The Cypress is still mostly here and DH is mad that I didn't weed whack yesterday although he didn't do anything either. It wasn't a wasteful evening by any means...I just didn't do what I planned on!

Check in with Molly today at My Happy House to see what Week 2's Happy House Challenge mission is!

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