Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend Planning...6/27-30/14

I started weekend planning back when I discovered the blog My Happy House. Her organization style appealed to me. I fell off the wagon as I so usually do, since I haven't quite discovered the full joy of following through with a task. Self-motivation isn't one of my strong suits. Since becoming a housewife, I have struggled with my dislike of cleaning and my laziness (to put it bluntly.) So, I devised schedules, routines and organizational lists for myself that have all failed. The failure isn't on the part of the schedules, lists or routines, but strictly falls into the "user-error" category. haha 

I thought I'd bring back weekend and weekly planning to try to keep me more on track and accountable. I include Monday so I already have a plan for Monday in my mind over the weekend, I also included Friday this week to get started, even though it is already Friday afternoon.

So this weekend, we don't have a lot on the schedule.
Pathfinder Game Night - Hubby convinced me to try out this role playing game, so we are headed to the local game store for the weekly meet-up.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken legs, butternut squash lasagna, fruit salad --Check out this post regarding our attempt at a Whole30.
Vacuum downstairs
Workout: PIYO- Define Lower Body

Spray outside the house for bugs (a monthly task in FL)
Wash the windows - In & Out
Strip bed, Wash sheets & dust/vacuum bedroom
Scoop litter box
Workout: PIYO - Define Upper Body
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, fruit
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: CP Beef Roast, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts

Workout: PIYO Rest - run 30 minutes with dogs & hubby
Breakfast: eggs, bacon, fruit
Lunch: Out
Seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark at the historic theatre in town.
Dinner: Leftovers
I typically rest from housework on Sundays, but I want to sweep and tidy up the garage a bit.
Scoop litter box
Trash night

Breakfast: Shakeology (My sister is a coach, swears by this, and since I have packets, I'll use them.)
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Refrigerator dump
Workout: PIYO- Sweat
Scoop litter box
Pay bills
Clean bathrooms
Wash Towels
Soak hubby's work shirts
Vacuum downstairs

 I'll check back in on Monday to update you on what happened/didn't happen!

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