Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the road to baby H, BFN

I haven't been tempting so I am assuming my dpo, but I *may* be 14 dpo (based on a 28 day cycle with O on/around cd14.) Usually, I have a 30 day cycle and O on or around cd17, so based on that information, I would be 10/11 dpo.

BFN on a EPT Certainty digital this AM.

I want to go get some Dollar store tests and some First Response Early Results as well. Hubby hates when I go overboard, but idk....I really want to make sure it's negative. Also, I want to pick up a new BBT.

I have my wisdom teeth extraction on Thursday morning, which unfortunately for me is supposed to be cd1. I didn't plan too well, I guess.

Noticed some light spotting this morning, but my breasts are still tender (unusal for PMS, they are usually back to normal a day/two before I spot/start my cycle.) Also, different this cycle is that I've noticed cramping mid-cycle, several days in a row. I was feeling *heavier* in my lower abdomen, so I was thinking this might be the cycle, but we shall see I suppose.

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