Sunday, March 1, 2015

21 Day Fix Week 1 Meal Plan and Recap

So, it's Sunday afternoon and while we haven't finished out the workouts or the meals for today, I think I can safely post a recap to the newest endeavor in the H household.

21 Day Fix. Check this out for some more information regarding the program. I don't want to get into a commercial of the meal plan and the workouts and what it can do for you. Needless to say the hubby and I have decided that we need to make a change to what we do day in and day out. So, we've jumped on the bandwagon again (tried this about a year ago...but the hubster was not on board) and we're committed to seeing this through.

This will be a documentation of what our personal journey the next three weeks will look like and a documentation of our starting points and what progress we make.

We both worked the equation provided in the booklet to determine our caloric goal for the day. We both landed in the 1500-1799 daily calorie zone. That gives us each 4 green containers üüüü(vegetable), 3 purple containers üüü (fruit), 4 red containers üü üü (protein), 3 yellow containers üü ü (starch/carbs), 1 blue ü (healthy fats, nuts, cheese), 1 orange ü (seeds, dressings), and 4 teaspoons/gray üü üü (nut butters, oils) per day. 
The key to making this program work is to plan ahead, prepare your food before it's time to eat and be ready for any curveballs life throws your way.

This was our meal and workout plan this week.

Monday 2/23/15
Tally: üü   üü ü   üü ü  
ü     ü    üü ü
B: Protein Shake
S: Granola Bar
L: Pepperoni Pizza
S: Nada
D: Shrimp with linguini, asparagus and tomatoes, cheddar bay biscuit
S: Cheerios w/milk
W/O: Total Body Cardio Fix
Mods: Monday was the day we officially decided to do the program, and it's typically my grocery day. So, things were a bit thrown together. Leftover pizza for lunch, etc.  The workout for me was tough. It's honestly one of the reasons I didn't follow through with the program last time. For whatever reason, Total Body Cardio Fix KILLS me. My heart rate gets too high, I start to feel nauseous and last year, I actually got sick following the first 2 rounds. I followed Kat, who shows the modified moves and made some additional modifications myself. I got nauseous but I kept going and I finished.
Tuesday 2/24/15
Tally: üüüü   üü ü   üü üü  
üüü    ü     üü üü
B:  Carrot & Kale Hash with 1 poached egg ½ English Muffin and ½ Large banana
S: 1 hard boiled egg with strawberries
L: Mason Jar Salad (Lettuce, spinach, kale, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, onion, turkey breast, balsamic vinaigrette)
S: Protein Shake with coconut water
D: Beef & Barley Soup with 1 crescent roll w/grass fed butter
S: Apple w/PB
W/O: Upper Body Fix
Mods: I liked today's workout and my food today was great! I ate all my snacks (a hard part for me) and I felt awesome. I had good energy, a positive attitude and ended the day feeling great!

Wednesday 2/25/15                                      
Tally: üüüü   üü    üü üü  
üüü    ü ü    üü ü
B: Oatmeal w/ ½ banana
S: Protein Shake w/coconut water
L: Mason Jar Salad (see above) w/1 cheese stick
S: 2 HB eggs with mandarin orange
D: Chicken Breast, couscous, green beans
S: Apple w/ PB
W/O:  Lower Body Fix
Mods: Today was a completely different story for me regarding how I was feeling and my attitude. I had bible study in the morning and that coupled with picking up the little one I babysit from preschool and her PT appointment in the afternoon, I felt rushed and out of sorts all day. I missed my morning snack (had it as soon as I could, but was definitely feeling hungry at that point, sort of threw me off for the rest of the day, I subbed some macaroni and cheese for my salad at lunch.  Oy.
I had a headache start around 2pm and it was very acutely painful. After the girls left  around 4pm (I watch a 4 year old and an 18 month old) I went to lie down on the bed to rest, and ended up falling asleep until about 6. I skipped my workout but got up to eat and walk the dogs. I did feel better once the Tylenol kicked in and I had a chance to rest my eyes.

Thursday 2/26/15
Tally: üüüü   ü   üü üü  
üüü    ü ü    üü üü
B: Egg scramble with kale & peppers, ½ banana
S: Protein shake with coconut water & frozen berries
L: Mason Jar Salad
S: Hummus & Carrot Sticks
D: Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, Brussel sprouts and beets
S: Apple & PB
W/O: Pilates Fix
Mods: Today's food was yummy and I enjoyed being back on track. I kept up with the food and I was happy to get the workout in. Pilates was fun. I seem to be pretty good at it, although DH isn't quite as flexible, so he had some trouble. I know going forward I'll have to make some more modifications to those exercises. More on that later.

Friday 2/27/15
Tally: üüüü   üü    üü üü  
üüü    ü ü    üü ü
B: Greek yogurt, with granola and strawberries
S: Protein shake, ½ banana & spinach
L: Mason Jar Salad
S: Carrot sticks with hummus
D: Pork Chop w/mashed sweet potato, roasted broccoli & cauliflower
S: Apple & PB
W/O: Cardio Fix
Mods: Today was another good day. I definitely feel like all the "extra" food is good for me. I'm starting to feel hungry in the morning, so breakfast has become a welcome normalcy in my day. I used to prefer to skip it. Now instead of focusing on the coffee pot, I begin breakfast before remembering the coffee. Score!! Cardio isn't my favorite, but this workout is definitely better than Total Body Cardio.

Saturday 2/28/15
Tally: üüüü   üü   üü üü  
üü    ü ü    üü
B: Whole grain waffle, with berries and banana, 1 dippy egg and 2 slices bacon
S: Protein shake with coconut water & kale
L: J: Salad w/Turkey, Herbal tea // A: Beef & Barley Soup,  
S: Carrot sticks & Hummus
D: Beef & Bean Quesadillas, peppers & onions, salsa & sour cream
S: Apple & PB (skipped)
W/O: Dirty 30
Mods: This was by far my favorite workout! We ran errands most of the day, and I got a little forgetful with the time. There is so much food on this plan that I sometimes forget to eat, because I'm not really hungry. I went to my monthly book club tonight and felt guilty having already eaten so was compelled to eat some of the food the hosts had prepared. So, I had some Shepherd's Pie, a blueberry scone and some yummy berries. Not the best, but still learning and getting the hang of this whole plan.
Sunday 3/1/15
üüüü   üü ü   üü üü  
üüü    ü ü    üü üü
B: Oatmeal Bake w/ berries & nuts
S: Protein shake w/coconut water, kale & ground flax seed
L: Egg Fried Rice
S: Yogurt w/pineapple
D: Italian Wedding Soup w/ 1 crescent roll & butter
S: Apple w/ PB
W/O: Yoga Fix
Mods: I enjoy yoga, so this workout was nice. It was pleasant to stretch these sore muscles after a good week of working them out. Food today was on point, but again I wasn't really hungry at meal times. I tried to keep my water intake up and made sure to prepare the meals, even if I wasn't super hungry. Retraining your body to expect food at certain intervals is difficult, but I'm hopeful in time it will be come second nature.

All in all, the week has gone well, I'm down 3 lbs. Water weight, perhaps, but I'll take what I can get.  I've tried to keep track of my steps throughout the day, luckily there is an app on my phone that makes it easier. We've also been walking the dogs most nights (only nights off were Friday and Saturday (due to rain).

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