Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals...

July Goals

Lots of to-do and goal planning going on up in here. Fail to plan = plan to fail, right?

A couple things I'd like to get done this month.

PIYO Challenge (starts July 7): Daily PIYO workouts coupled with meal plans
30 Day Squat Challenge: Daily squat challenge to help reduce these saddle bags and firm up my booty muscles. Found at via Pinterest

Independence Day Fireworks

Walk 10,000 steps per day (including walk the dogs)
Swim 3x per week
Beach Day at least once this month
Hit up the historic theater at least once this month
Disney World?? It's sort a bit hot & humid in July in FL, so maybe this might not be happening.
Trip to PA?? All dependent on TTC and cycle start dates
Book Club - read selected book and attend meeting
Attend infertility support group meeting
Attend military spouses connect meeting
Follow Bedtime Routine
Perform 80% of daily chores 80% of the time (based on weekly/weekend planning & recaps)
Pallet Herb Garden
Finish Bar Cart & Shelves
Finish Antique Sewing Table Base Console Table
Log meals and exercise in My Fitness Pal
Follow meal plans

I think that will do it.

Do you have anything on your to do list this month?

Much love and best wishes,

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