Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New schedule...

So, I've revamped my schedule...AGAIN. lol
This time it was more for the household than just for me. Granted, the "household" is just me and DH...:)
I broke down the household maintenance chores into rooms and then by days.

Of course, there are daily chores, but I have yet to write them down on a scheduled list.

There are also 2 'Daily Focus' groups each day. One for laundry and one for Rooms.
That list is this:
Monday: Laundry: Towels
Room: Living Room
Tuesday: Laundry: Darks
Room: Bedrooms
Wednesday: Laundry: Colors
Room: Laundry Room & Cat Box
Thursday: Laundry: Whites
Room: Kitchen
Friday: Laundry: Sheets/Curtains
Room: Daycare & Nap Rooms
Saturday: Laundry: Daycare
Room: Office/Mail/Bills

I've only uploaded a picture of one day...they're all the same...why would you want to look at 6-7 versions of the SAME picture, lol. Each daily schedule is a list of items that must get done that day. There are estimates of when these things should be done...or the LATEST time they should get done.

There are some daily chores: washing dishes, vacuuming and when to change the laundry. I also have schedule an HOUR to do some part of a family project. I have been compiling a list of the "family projects" that need to get done around the house. They range from building a pergola and patio outside to seeding the yard and mulching the flower beds to cleaning out the psare room, replacing damaged trim (shakes fist at dogs, lol) and repainting several rooms. Each family project needs to be broken down into manageable parts...roughly 1 hour long. We will, of course have the weekends to do more than one hour long segments, but by scheduling ourselves a little bit at a time, perhaps we won't be so overwhelmed.

Of course, DH says he's onboard, but when he came home early (unexpectedly) he decided his "family project" would be to beat his video game. And Saturday's family project time was supposed to be buying supplies to finish the front yard landscaping and mulching the flower beds...but turned into running to Best Buy to buy a Blu-ray player and Avatar. We did get to chat with a good friend and schedule a night for dinner.

I've invited them over for a Friday night dinner party (prolly just us 4) the same weekend as Mother's Day...when I've invited our mothers down for an early dinner. So...DH better get on board or he's going to be a bit embarrassed by the state of our house. I'm ready to throw our housewarming party (well-- basement warming party, lol) after's been completed since FEBRUARY! lol ::rolls eyes:: Hopefully, someday! By then it will be old news!

Hopefully, we can work this schedule. It's simple, leaves room for flexibilty, but still addresses all the major points and areas of conflict between DH and I. ::crosses fingers:: Wish us LUCK!

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