Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Plans...

Today is only Wednesday, but I am trying to be more proactive and plan for my weekend. So, this week...I'm planning today for the rest of the week.

Daycare AM...clean floors, take out trash, lysol toys
Daycare PM...clean floors, take out trash, lysol toys
Bathrooms...swipe & swish, swiffer floor
Kitchen...wash dishes and clean counters
Living Room...vacuum, de-clutter, hide extra DH's toys in office
New Moon girlfriend Heather is coming over to watch New Moon

Daycare AM...clean floor, lysol toys, wash windows (inside)
Daycare PM...clean floor, take out trash, lysol toys, water plants
Bathrooms...swipe & swish
Menu planning & grocery shopping list
Kitchen...wash dishes, clean counters, floor mate floor
Trash...gather and take trash & recycling to the curb
Spare Rooms...broom sweep & dust dc nursery, empty bookshelf in spare room (move downstairs.)
Laundry...gather laundry from bathroom/master bedroom (take downstairs and sort)
Master, dust (from top to bottom) remove bedding (take to laundry), vacuum floor & mattress, replace bedding
Living Room...vacuum, de-clutter, water plants,

Laundry...wash sheets & shower curtain
Daycare AM...broom sweep & swiffer floor, lysol toys, post next week's menu & weekly reports
Daycare PM...floor mate floor, bleach one bucket of toys, lysol toys, take laundry downstairs, take out trash
Bathrooms...swipe & swish
Kitchen...wash dishes, clean counters, wipe down cabinets & appliance fronts
Office/Mail/Bills...vacuum office, sort mail, pay bills, clean desks and de-clutter
Living room...vacuum carpets & furniture, de-clutter

Laundry...Daycare laundry...replace hand towels (in baths & kitchen) & bath towels (take to laundry)
Daycare AM...wash windows (inside & out), clean trash can & changing table
Grocery shopping...farmer's market & giant, gifts for Monica & Ashton
Bathroom...scrub toilet, bathtub & shower, sinks & floors, wash windows (in & out)
Kitchen...empty & scrub refrigerator, vacuum back & under coils, empty & scrub freezer, run empty dishwasher, organize pantry & cupboards, dust, wash windows (in and out), clean doors, baseboards, chair rail, scrub floors, clean & replace mats
Breezeway...dust & de-clutter, wash windows (in & out), scrub dog bowls, empty shelves (dusting as we go), vacuum floor (remove carpet)
Cars...vacuum & wash cars
Social...Ashton's bday party 2pm, Monica's housewarming party - ?pm and relax :)...make dinner (pork steaks (on the grill)) roasted potatoes, broccoli, lettuce salad, fruit.) gather dc lessons/craft supplies for the week

And that's it and that's all...huh! Not a lot on my plate! Check in on Monday to see how it went! LOL

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