Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup...

So, I follow this blog called "My Happy House" and it really gets me motivated to become organized and accountable to myself. Although this weekend, I didn't get a chance to write down all my to-dos, I feel like I got a bunch accomplished. Here is what I did...
Sleep In
Start Laundry -- haven't done this for awhile, so it was MUST to do. Folded laundry while I watched tv
Did Dishes
Clean downstairs bath and laundry rooms
Removed bedding from Master Bedroom
Started cleaning the spare room out of all the mess...tried to find homes for anything I took from the room.
Cleared and cleaned desk in daycare space.
Went to meet a friend's new puppy.
Went shopping with my mom (she called unexpectedly during the morning, to say she was almost to my house! YAY what a treat!) found several cute plants for the new space, and some beautiful tulips!
Bought new pillows for the counch and chair
Put together bathroom cabinet
Make dinner - Shrimp Fradiavolo

Finish Laundry - didn't quite finish...but I made a huge dent.
Made list of decorating items I needed: plant pots, baskets for closets, paper towel hanger for the laundry slop sink, scissors, air freshener, label maker, and some faux flowers, and a basket to make an arrangement.
Went shopping, purchased: 5 plant pots: 1 for the potted palm I bought, 2 for the oxalis plants, 1 for the mini-shamrock, and 1 for the orchid I got for Valentine's day. Found 4 baskets for closet storage, 1 for the bathroom, several hygiene items for the second bath, some faux flowers, a pretty bowl and decorating balls for the table.
Moved desk from daycare space to basement, helped the hubs put it together. Tried to finish laundry, but ended up vegging on the couch and watching the Oscars. lol

I think I got a bunch accomplished, but the house is a mess, I'm frustrated, DH is frustrated and (I feel like) not much help. I'm overwhelmed and hope that my new to do list will help us get on track and stay on track!

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