Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning Weekend Round Up

So, I have been thinking I will become some sort of domestic to keep a clean home, that's stylish contemporary, and fun. However, somewhere along the line I forgot I HATE to clean, DH loves to micromanage, and I work 11 hours a day caring for three to four 1-3 year olds. So, my envisioning a different life for myself is still a major work in progress...or more like a work at standstill.

This weekend we did do a bunch.

Went Christmas shopping -- only got like 2 1/2 people done and spent way more than we expected :-(

Ran around like chickens with our heads cut off, Farmer's Market, grocery store, making stuffed mushrooms for DH's family Christmas party, and driving 1 hour only to arrive 2 1/2 hours early (yes DH took the message and did write it on the calendar! but neither of us looked at that, of course.)

Attached the gate to the daycare room...yay! And I deep cleaned our master bedroom. DH's clothes are still all over the room, but at least it isn't a pit of despair anymore!

Deep cleaned the bathroom and the daycare room
Dusted the desk and Tv area.
Swept and swiffered the floors
Had friends over for dinner (**and a daycare meeting**)

Tonight is my last class of English 101 and I am super excited!

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