Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Daycare Space...

Recently, I invested in a new rug for the daycare room. We didn't want to carpet the whole room, but I was lucky enough to find a large enough rug (12'x18') to cover the majority of the 13'x18' room. There is just under 12" of wood floor along one long wall of the room uncovered...and I'm okay with that. It is covered up by furniture anyway and the kids can't trip/fall over it
And click here to see this current room at the beginning of it's life as a daycare space.

It looks bigger and feels warmer. And now, after living with it for a few weeks, it is easier to keep clean...and it's an industrial carpet, made specifically with daycares, bleach solution, throw-up, messy crafts and the like in mind. Plus, I don't feel bad when the kids crawl, lay or roll all over the floor now, since it's soft and warm and is easier to keep clean!
I do think a painting weekend is in my future...that teal with the green walls isn't doing it for me, however I plan to live with it for a bit to get a feel for what I really want this room to look like. If I paint again...I don't want to paint this room again for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time. :)

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  1. What an awesome play space! My girls would love to come over for a play date. ;) Thanks for the visit today! :)