Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Office is Done-zo...well almost...

The office is done! Not decorated, but clean, orderly and functional! YAY!!!

I am so proud of DH and myself! We buckled down (lost our way for a week or so) and got through it all. PLUS we didn't end up with a bunch of stuff just moved to another room. We sorted and filed and shredded and packed and tossed our hearts out!

Way to go honey! And a pat on the back for me too!

Here are the befores...

(The desk area with nothing organized...except the computer!)

(The little corner beside the desk...chock full of papers and papers and papers)
(And the "nerd closet" With random boxes, guns, and other items threwn in or strewn about. Actually, this wasn't half bad. Considering this is almost all of DH's gaming stuff.)
And the afters...(The clean and orderly desk! Only ONE little pile of paperwork to be filed...Dh's of pile is neatly hidden from view!)
(The wierd little corner is wierd no more. Re-purposing an old bookshelf into a dvd shelf and a two drawer filing cabinet back beside the desk...and voila...organized! It took 2 hours to go through Dh's DVD collection to slim it down to fit on this shelf. He had a problem...a big problem! LOL)

(And the new guest bed...well one of two. Eventualy, this will be replaced by a sleeper loveseat, if I can ever find one reasonably priced! Anyone know of anywhere to look? Please let me know!)

So, there you have inside project COMPLETED! YAY for us! How about you, did you finish any new projects lately?

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