Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Menu Planning Wednesday

So yes, I am way behind this week! By here is the menu planning for this week!

Monday & Tuesday: too late :-/

Breakfast: french toast with oranges
Lunch: meatloaf w/baby red potatoes, brussel sprouts and oranges
Snack: cottage cheese & oranges
Dinner & Dessert: Turkey and barley vegetable soup; salad, crusty bread & apple crisp

Breakfast: oatmeal with pears
Lunch: turkey barley veggie soup; bread and pears
Snack: apple crisp
Dinner & Dessert: chicken panini with sweet roasted peppers, carrots, and salad & apple crisp

Breakfast: egg & ham sandwiches; bananas
Lunch: Chicken panini w/sweet roasted peppers, carrots, bananas
Snack: Apples & PB
Dinner & Dessert: SUSHI & our traditional ice cream dessert after (don't ask! lol)

Breakfast: monkey bread rolls & peaches
Lunch: Mem's Bday Lunch
Snack: ham & pineapple bites
Dinner & Dessert: Baked cavatelli, garlic bread, salad & fresh fruit

Breakfast: spicy mexican strata
Lunch: chipotle squash soup; crusty bread
Snack: peppers & hummus
Dinner & Dessert: Shrimp & ramen stir-fry, salad.

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