Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Goals & March Check In...

I'm late to check in with my March goals & late to make my April goals. What can I say, it's probably laziness! Anyway for March, I had these goals (green = accomplished, blue= did regularly, but not consistently, red = didn't accomplish):

sweep & vacuum upstairs floors daily.
take temp daily, note on chart.
make bed daily --after my wisdom teeth were removed, I was in bed most of the weekend so didn't see the point, and haven't quite gotten back into the habit.
empty sink daily --I hate dishes...with a passion.
cook/eat at home 6/7 nights
do 3 projects per week for daycare kiddos -- and the reason is, the one 3.5 yo I have was not interested in projects and it was nice out so we played outside all day long.
work on photography every day
read 1 non-romance book: my list
spend time with girlfriends - a couple of phone calls, no face to faces though.
make & keep playgroup dates for daycare -- I made 3 playdates, but they were cancelled by the other party :( 

And now for my April Goals:
sweep & vacuum upstairs daily
get back into daily laundry routine
one field trip (wih daycare) per week
read one book on list
cook/eat at home 6/7 days/nights per week
leave a clean sink every night
make bed daily
make time for girlfriends
run/workout at least 3 days per week

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