Saturday, November 5, 2011

Basement Progress...

We have drywall up and mud slapped on the walls!!!! DH worked hard, with the help of our good friend Troy, every day after work to get this together. I helped as I was able, over the weekend, but hubby was so nice to let me focus on the rest of the house and get ready for a new baby to start in the daycare this past week. He knows how anxious I get, and I have to clean, clean, clean. 
The Den/Office

Family Room

Bar wall
The only section that isn't drywalled and mudded is the section in the photo above. This is the area where our sewer pipe exits the house. Unfortunately, we've noticed there is 'something' wrong with the pipe...AFTER it leaves the house. We've had seepage through the block wall down the wall, onto the floor. Luckily we have the wall open & nothing on the floor. Un-luckily, but perhaps to be expected, neither the contractor who did our original renovation (including dig-out, install and re-grade for the door & stairs we added) or the concrete contractor who did our outside patio are being very helpful to determine who might be responsible for possible damage to the pipe. We're getting the run around, kind of typical for the reno-contractor, unfortunately. Hopefully, though we can muster through and get 'er done before too long so we can wrap up this second reno quickly. I have plans, man!

We have decided to continue on in all other parts of the basement. I am excited that next week we can start putting primer on the walls.
Further to do items for our basement living space.
  • Finish up sanding & clean up
  • Clean the floor
  • Seal the cracks in the concrete floor
  • Prime the walls
  • Paint the walls
  • Install new LED lights in office
  • Replace new drop-ceiling tiles in office (to match family room)
  • Install vinyl floor planks in family room, office, and hallway (only leaving section referenced above bare floor)
  • Repair, paint & re-install trim
  • Order new rugs
  • Bring in FURNITURE!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I can't wait to have my couch back?!)
We aren't positive, but we may have our living space back by the holidays. It all depends on how much we can get done in the next few weeks. Luckily I don't mind painting.

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