Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Portraits...

Back in August, hubs and I got some family portraits done! Just to commemorate our 1 year anniversary and our family as it stands now. We chose not to do engagement pictures, and our wedding pictures were less than stellar ( is NOT someplace I would recommend to anyone...the photos sucked, the dj sucked and made my day less than special! The only thing that ended up the way I planned was my wedding album...which I designed myself by the way!)
Mi familia
We went to Union Canal Park in Lebanon, PA. It's a beautiful area, very green and pretty. They have this beautiful stone canal structure (seen behind us in the picture above.)
Our photographer did a great job collecting candid photos of our "posed locale shots." I can't remember for the life of me what I was laughing at! DH makes me giggle all the time though, it's one of my favorite thigs about him.
My baby boy Panzer

Pretty girl Banya

After the park, we changed outfits, threw the dogs in the car and headed to the Annville, PA train station. It's not a working train station, but has been turned into a museum.

We did catch a train speeding by though!

My handsome honey!

By FAR my favorite picture. Erika did a great job. Check out her fan page on Facebook:
and her shutterfly page:


  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and for your kind and thoughtful comment! Seriously, it helps so much to receive positive encouragement because God knows I have enough fear-mongers to last me an eternity!

    But that's all right - I refuse to let fear dictate my actions and you're right, I have some tools to help me through this!

    PS - looooove your doggies! They're so cute!

  2. i'm so sorry to hear about your wedding not being what you expected. :( but it looks like you guys have some great photos now! that setting is gorgeous! (i love the dogs too!!)

  3. Hey Jennifer...I couldn't respond to your comment on my blog because you have the automatic response. Thanks for your party planning advice! My mom and grandma are going to help me out and cook a few things to bring and they're also going to help that day. I took the day before off work so I can cook some things ahead of time to get ready. I'm definitely a planner so I'll be like you and going shopping the week before to make sure I have everything I need. Thanks for taking the time to write your tips for me!