Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, I tell myself that I'm going to be a different person. I will be more organized, positive, nuturing, and calm. HAHAHAHAHA! In all my 27 years, I don't think it has ever

However, this year, I will once again attempt the unattainable. My New Year's resolution is to become a more positive person, happier with what I have and happier with who I am.

I am behind the times a little in announcing my resolution, but that's because I wanted to prioritize and create very clear goals and guidelines for my resolution.

Goal 1: Clean and organize house.
This means cleaning and purging my "stuff." I have begun to think of myself as a "hoarder." Both DH and I seem to have this problem. We feel we can use/reuse stuff that has no value. So, what this means is our home is strategically filled with items that can not or should not be kept after their initial usefulness is fulfilled. Some things I deem worthy of keeping are empty milk containers, empty egg cartons, plastic bottles, newspapers, etc. Most of the these items, in my defense CAN be used for craft projects and other fun and creative things. The problem I have found is finding a place to keep these things, both out of sight but within reach.
This also means organizing our paper/electronic clutter. With a business, military records, debt/bill paperwork, 2 desktop computers and two laptops, two cell phones, a home phone, a mp3 player, and at least two video game well as millions of dvds and video games, we are up to our eyeballs in electronic and paper clutter. Finding an easy and convenient way to put this away and keep the clutter at bay.
It will mean, too, that we must completely revamp our storage areas, and PURGE, PURGE, PURGE. I tried to start this last year with Dh's clothing surplus...only now he's lost 25 lbs and can fit into ALL of the clothes I tried to get rid of...but God forbid we get rid of the bigger size clothes now...cuz what if he regains it all. The pantry needs re-organized, our cupboards cleaned and re-organized, our bedroom needs completely cleaned and fixed up. The spare rooms need purged and items need to find permanent and fixed homes.
Military stuff needs it's own storage facility...and traveling items (gym bags, suitcases, travel bags, etc) all need to be put in their own "special" place.

Goal 2: Be Thankful and happy for what I have.
This is difficult for me...I have always been a pessimistic person...I'm a realist with a negative slant. I understand this and am realistic to understand the limitations and implications of such a view of the world. However, I have not yet found a way to overcome this intrinsic part of myself. I know it makes me lose sight of the wonderfulness of life and I tend to come across as ungrateful, rude, or a debbie downer...but really I'm not sure how to fix this.
My one idea this year, to try is to take 5-10 seconds to think about a problem prior to responding to a question/statement/issue. AND I will try to refrain from voicing my negative opinions to everyone and anyone. I sure do have lots of opinions and must learn to keep some of them to myself.
Organizing and purging my material items, I feel, will also allow me to take stock in what I have and how I can use it to better my daily life. This way I will not be so tempted to fill my house with "stuff" and be better able to adjust and flex with what life throws at me.

Goal 3: Be more invested in a positive relationship with my husband, family and friends.
This one doesn't have specific outlines for completing since each relationship is different. I am going to strive to become a happier person, and create and fulfill a healthier, happier bond with each person who is important in my life. One thing I know will be an issue, is dealing with spouses/significant others who are important to my important people, but not necessarily to me. I have found that those whom I don't necessarily like to deal with feel the same about me...however, the issue I have, is that I will at least make the effort to pretend while these people never will. I dislike being the one singled out ...but have come to realize that I want to be a better person than that. So fake though it may seem at first...I will strive to be nicer, more pleasant, understanding and less judgemental of people in general. Will this solve the issues I have with my DH being taken advantage of by his so-called "friends"? Not likely...will it cause me an ulcer? Probably. Will my husband be happier and therefore I will be happy? Hopefully.

Goal 4: Eat healthier and take pleasure in exercise.
No diets, no exercise "regimens" for me please, but I am definitely making it my mission in 2010 to eat healthily (whole and raw foods, less processed, and more well-balanced) coupled with daily walks/30 minute video routine. Just to get me moving, increase energy, balance my moods, and eventually help me to conceive and care for my husband, future children and home efficiently and pleasantly.

Goal 5: RELAX and allow life to happen.
The daycare has seemed to come together well, and I am excited for the next stages of it's development. I have learned in the process of starting it last year, that I can relax and allow things to happen and come to me. I have also learned this year (from the basement remodel) that I can't be a stickler to timelines...and if it's not working for me for whatever reason, to take a step back and take a deep breath.
The past week or so I've been stressing about painting the basement so the work can continue...simply because I want it DONE and these workers out of my house. I want to set it to rights, and be able to begin purging and organizing. I worked my tail off, becoming very negative and resentful, only to still be unfinished a week later. I decided last night that I will finish it when I can...and those who wait for me...can simply wait. I am dealing with this alone...while DH is out of country again (in support of haiti) so it will take longer than expected. Anyone try to tell me otherwise...psssht! I'm not hearing you! LOL Soon, it will be done and I will be able to proceed.
I am excited to be finished and be able to move on...but I can be patient and wait it out. to a rocky start...but I am OPTIMISTIC it will get better soon!

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